New ET entry: Eddie Leonski

This Executed Today entry is actually a few days old; I’d forgotten to post about it before: Eddie Leonski, an American serviceman who became known as the Brownout Strangler. He was an American serviceman serving in Australia during World War II, who strangled three women and attacked several others over the course of just a few weeks in the spring of 1942.

Fun fact, not mentioned in the entry: Ivan Chapman, who wrote a book about Leonski, speculated he had leptomeningitis, like Arnold Sodeman, another serial killer in Australia whom I wrote about on ET. Leptomeningitis, a degenerative disease of the brain, goes a long way to explaining Sodeman’s crimes and would fit Leonski’s pattern of behavior as well. But unlike Sodeman, Leonski wasn’t autopsied after his execution, so we’ll never know one way or the other.