Brother of missing man tried to sue Los Angeles

I saw here that Louis Francis, the brother of Eddie Francis, sued the city of Los Angeles over Eddie’s disappearance. Eddie has been missing from LA since 1992. Before now I knew zilch about his disappearance.

This is what I can decipher from the legalese here:

Louis filed a claim against the government in June 2007, saying the city deliberately neglected to look for Eddie. He sought $2.3 million for emotional distress, but his claim got dismissed in September. Louis attempted to file a summons and complaint in December 2007, but his paperwork wasn’t adequate and his complaint was returned. The same thing happened when he tried against in January 2008, and in February. Fourth time’s the charm: Louis’s complaint was finally filed in March. Then he amended it in June. But his complaint was dismissed for the time lapse — he should have filed it sooner, apparently. So Louis appealed, citing his prior attempts to file, but it’s a no-go. The appeals court upheld the dismissal because Louis took too long to file his initial claim.

I wish this document would reveal more about Eddie’s disappearance. All that I can tell from this is that he has some kind of mental impairment.