Dwight Stallings’s mom admits to probation violations but nothing else

Tanisha Edwards, mother of the long-missing baby Dwight Stallings, has pleaded guilty to six counts of violating her probation and could get up to three years in prison. She had been on probation for a weapons charge. It looks like all her probation violations are drug offenses; none of them are related to the extremely suspicious disappearance of her son. Tanisha has told all sorts of stories about what happened to him, and it looks more and more like foul play.

Dwight’s disappearance has gotten coverage locally in Sacramento, California where he disappeared from, but there hasn’t been much on a national level. He does have a family besides Tanisha,: his maternal grandmother, at least one uncle, his father and nine half-siblings, two on his mother’s side and five on his father’s. Unlike Tanisha, the rest of his relatives seem to care about him, but they say they don’t know where he is. Dwight’s father is not a suspect in the case because he in jail in the spring of 2011, which was when Dwight disappeared.

The very similar case of Amir Jennings in South Carolina has gotten far more attention, I think because Amir had a loving family to advocate for him. It doesn’t sound like Dwight had many people who cared about him, except his grandmother. Those two cases have a lot of features in common with Qua’mere Rogers: all of them black male babies/toddlers last seen in the care of a parent who never reported them missing and has provided multiple unsatisfactory explanations for their disappearance.

A fourth child whose disappearance fit all those criteria, four-year-old Jadon Higganbothan, was found dead last year. One of his accused killers — his mother’s boyfriend — just pleaded guilty. The other five who were allegedly involved, Jadon’s mother among them, haven’t had their cases concluded yet. Unfortunately I don’t have any reason to believe Qua’mere, Dwight and Amir’s disappearances will turn out any differently than Jadon’s did.

As for Tanisha Edwards, they’re still trying to get her to tell the truth about what happened to her little son. The latest idea is to take her to dependency court and order her to speak. But I highly doubt that’s going to work. If Tanisha did what I think she did, she has nothing to gain by admitting it and a great deal to lose.

More on Dwight Stallings

I wrote about Dwight Stallings on Sunday. The eleven-month-old has been missing for over a year and the cops just found out about it, and his mom, Tanisha Edwards (the last person known to have cared for him, now in jail on unrelated charges), has not been terribly helpful in locating him. It’s an all too familiar story. Well, I found this article with more details on the case.

According to new information from the Sheriff’s Department, Edwards’ accounts have included the following: That the baby grew sick and died at an unknown hospital; that the baby was with relatives she wouldn’t identify; that the baby was with black Muslim women she didn’t identify; and that the baby was taken by two men dressed in black.


Among her conflicting statements to detectives, Edwards has said she had no way of contacting the people who she gave her son to and that she kept communication minimal to protect herself, according to the Sheriff’s Department. She said two women had been calling her cell phone with updates on the child until December, when they stopped contact.

Sure. Whatever, Tanisha. It’s your own grave you’re digging.

UPDATE: He is now on NCMEC.

The very sad case of little Dwight Stallings

Alas, another not-reported-for-ages missing child: Dwight Stallings, age 11 months, whom I will probably be adding to Charley tomorrow. He was last seen in April of last year and it wasn’t until now that the police listed him as missing.

Little Dwight’s mother, Tanisha Edwards, lead a “transient lifestyle” and had “regular contacts” with both the police and Child Protective Services. Her mother had custody of two of her other children. Relatives last saw Dwight sometime in April 2011. Four times between April and August, CPS attempted to check on his welfare, but each time they went to Tanisha’s apartment she wasn’t home. She kept having her “contacts” with the police and at no time did they ever see a little boy with her.

For some reason CPS didn’t tell the police that Dwight had dropped out of sight. Maybe it was confidentiality laws, I don’t know. But this month, CPS did get a court order to make Tanisha produce Dwight so they could verify that she was okay. The police went to her apartment to serve the papers and found her under the influence, which gave them the excuse to arrest her for probation violation. There was no sign of Dwight anywhere and Tanisha has given many stories that contradict each other and are “literally all over the map.”

The cops are “aggressively seeking his whereabouts.” But they seem to have no idea where this baby is. He’d be almost two years old now, if he’s alive.

Qua’mere Rogers. Peter Kema. Adam Herrman. Edward Bryant and Austin Bryant. Brittany Williams. Rilya Wilson. Aarone Thompson. Rene Romero. Etc etc etc. So many children. So many. And now one more. How many children in the US are missing right now, but nobody knows about them, because nobody bothered to report it?

Investigators are hoping against hope that Dwight is alive. He could be, I guess. He might be living somewhere under another name. Tanisha could have given him away, or sold him. (Frankly, he’s probably better off without her in any case.) But already the police are like “there’s a good chance he’s dead” and “this could turn into a homicide investigation.”

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Grab your torches and pitchforks, everybody. I’ve had enough of everything.