Another possible jumper

I have written before about people who reportedly jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and were never found. Well, I might have found one more: Du Pham, a young man of Vietnamese descent who disappeared in 2008.

I updated his case today. I had had him on Charley with no information, then happened to take another look at his California DOJ entry and discovered they’d updated it (this hardly ever happens) with info that his car was found near the bridge. This is not, of course, a guarantee that he jumped, but it certainly puts that possibility right at the top of the pile. He even looks mournful in his picture–though it was probably a driver’s license photo and we never look our best in those.

I hope he’s still alive out there somewhere. Sometimes people commit “pseudocide” at the bridge where they deliberately leave a note saying they’ll jump, or leave their belongings there, or both, and then walk out into the sunset. But Mr. Pham has been gone for an awfully long time.