Um, no way. No fracking way.

It seems very unlikely that this man is three foot nine inches tall. That has got to be a typo. Either that or he’s a Little person. The weight is unusually low for a grown man also.

I called the Oakland PD and they gave me the phone number for the investigating officer in Mr. Adkins’s case, but when I called that number he didn’t answer and I couldn’t leave a message because his mailbox was full. Muttergrumble. I hope the guy I spoke to contacts the investigating officer himself and passes on my inquiry about Darriel Adkins’s height.

[EDIT: Well, I’ll be darned. I called the CDOJ database and they said they’d call me back. They did, like five seconds later, and verified that Mr. Adkins really is 3’9 and 105 pounds. Must be dwarfism, then.]