Darice Knowles found deceased

Acting on a tip from a prison informant, the police spent several days this past week looking for Darice Knowles. She was a 22-year-old Bahamian girl who was visiting Florida when she disappeared in June 2006. The authorities’ efforts were rewarded with a foot bone which they are confident is from Darice. Her family in the Bahamas has been notified. I think it’s amazing that anything was found at all. They were looking in a heavily wooded area the size of a football field and the foot bone could not have been more than a few inches in size.

I might add that some of the comments on the Florida Today article linked below are horrifying. Some person is saying the cops shouldn’t have bothered to look for Darice’s body because she was a foreign national. I really hope this person is just a troll trying to annoy people and doesn’t really believe that. I do not understand such cruelty and lack of compassion and basic human decency.

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Florida Today