YouTube Saturday: Ethel Atwell and Clark Toshiro Handa

I made videos for Clark Handa and Ethel Atwell.

(Okay, I just realized I said Clark was four when he disappeared. He was actually three and a half. I had to do the narration¬†over again and post a whole new video for it. Whoopsie. This is what happens you don’t pay attention to details.)

Clark Handa Article

There’s an article about Clark Handa, who was abducted for ransom twenty-five years ago and never seen again. I’m really glad to see the article, as I really didn’t have a lot of information about Clark’s disappearance. His family hadn’t talked to the media before this.

As the article notes, the crime is “bizarre.” Offhand I can’t think of any ransom abductions of children in the United States past 1950 or so, besides Clark’s. It occurs very frequently down in Mexico — in fact, kidnapping is a huge and growing problem there — but almost never in the United States. I have to wonder if the ransom note wasn’t a ruse, a la Jon Benet Ramsey.