Select It Sunday: Timothy Davison

Chosen by Orla, way back in November 2013, this week’s case is Timothy Jacob Davison, who missed being a Flashback Friday case by a hair. FF cases are on or before October 5, 1985 — my birthdate — and Timothy disappeared ten days later. He was four years old and living with an aunt in the town of Decatur in central Illinois. Timothy’s aunt went with him to a shopping center that day. He was asleep, so she left him alone in the car while she shopped. She says she was only gone for half an hour, but when she came out he was gone, presumably abducted.

If Timothy is still alive, he may not remember much, if anything, of his previous life. He was a slow learner and reportedly didn’t know his own last name in 1985. His aunt/guardian apparently came under suspicion, or at least I assume she did because the cops dug up her yard, but they found nothing and I don’t know if she is still a suspect.

I did my usual Google search for more info on this case and found this Google News article¬†from October 16, 1985. It has a few shreds of additional information which I’ll add to his casefile, though I’m not even sure they’re worthy of a notice on the updates page.

An aside: Timothy is from one of those remarkably unlucky “lottery families” I talk about sometimes where more than one member of the family is missing. Another aunt, his mother’s sister Cindy Smith, disappeared in 1987 from Florida. No indication that the cases are related; Cindy’s boyfriend is the prime suspect in her case.