One off the convictions list, one on

FINALLY I updated today, after more than a week. I plan to update tomorrow too. Not sure how much I can find the time to update while I’m in I-Match. It will be 9 to 5, but I may be pretty tired when I’m done for the day. There are weekends, however; I’m going home there. And for the first week I get infusions all day and might possibly bring my laptop to entertain myself while I sit tethered to an IV.

Anyway, Alice Hummel is off my murder without a body convictions list because her husband’s conviction has been overturned on a technicality. More pain and anguish and uncertainty for her children, then. I moved her back to the not concluded cases list.

But a new case I added tonight, Carolyn Killaby, makes the convictions list; a guy was convicted of her murder two and a half years after she disappeared. At the time he killed her he was on parole for killing his sister; he’d strangled her, stripped her body naked and dumped it by a creek to make it look like a rape-homicide. He served a whopping ten years for this crime and his parole supervision was a joke. They locked him up for good after Carolyn Killaby’s murder but it was too little, too late. Fortunately he took the final exit, hanging himself in his prison cell in 2004. Good riddance.

Although I’ve been forcibly prevented from offing myself and I’m glad of it, sometimes I wonder why we try so hard to keep prisoners, particularly convicted rapists and murderers, from killing themselves. Okay, I know why we do it, but it still seems silly to me. I even heard of a case where a woman killed herself in jail, and left a note for her lawyer instructing him to sue the jail for permitting her to take her own life!