Remember the identified dead boy I mentioned yesterday?

He’s been identified as six-year-old Camden Pierce Hughes. His picture looks remarkably like the computer-generated image the police released to the media. His mother, Julianne McCrery, is from Texas. She was picked up in Massachusetts today, questioned by the Massachusetts State Police and then transferred to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

McCrery said she killed Camden with an overdose of cough syrup. Her boyfriend said both McCrery and Camden had been sick lately and coughing a lot and her mother confirms this, so who knows, perhaps his death was an accident. The Boston Globe says she had previously suffered mental illness and substance abuse problems and had tried to commit suicide. Her boyfriend and mom and friends describe her as a devoted mother to Camden with no abuse history.

The Examiner says people are posting on the pages of McCrery’s Facebook friends, accusing them, demanding to know why they didn’t call the cops after hearing about Camden’s body:

They jump to conclusions and are already attacking some of these people, blaming them for not calling police. They do not take into consideration the possibility that these “friends” may not have seen the photo of Camden that was disseminated by police and media.

One person, jumping to one of the “friend’s” defense said, “Good gravy this woman isn’t guilty by association! Please stop! I can only imagine how in shock she must be at this point. How she’s trying to put the pieces together herself. She’s not responsible for Juli’s actions, and decisions. Stop crucifying the woman! Boy, please think how hard this must be for her!”

[…] Facebook, while a good tool in helping to solve crimes and missing persons’ cases, has also turned into a nightmare for families and friends of missing loved ones and victims of crimes.

Quite so.