MP of the week: Byron Page

This week’s featured missing person is Byron Eric Page, a seventeen-year-old boy who disappeared from Los Angeles, California on January 29, 1992. He was last seen at the bus stop, on the way to visit a music warehouse in West Hollywood. He apparently never arrived there and never came home.

There’s little evidence in his case, but there’s no reason to believe he left of his own accord. He was an excellent student, had already been accepted at a few colleges and was looking forward to getting his driver’s license, and had no apparent problems in his life. Foul play is suspected in his case, I think from lack of anything else that makes sense.

The most recent article I could find on his disappearance was from 2010. He sounds like a fine young man.

It’s been 28 years. What happened to Byron?

Article about Byron Page

There is an article on CNN about seventeen-year-old Byron Eric Page, who’s been missing from Los Angeles for eighteen years now. He does not fit the profile of a runaway: he was happy with his life, an excellent student with several college acceptances, no mention of drug involvement. He seems to have vanished into thin air.

I’m glad that a case like Byron’s is getting national attention, even this one article. Missing teenagers, especially black males, are generally ignored by the public.