Article on Brittany Williams

The Washington Examiner, which has done several articles profiling MPs in the Washington D.C. area, just did one on Brittany Williams, an HIV-positive seven-year-old girl who disappeared in 2000. Her mother had died of AIDS and her father was in prison, so she lived with a guardian, who didn’t report her disappearance and continued quietly collecting Brittany’s benefit checks while lying to everyone about where she was. Brittany’s disappearance wasn’t reported until January 2003, close to two and a half years after the last confirmed sighting. The guardian, Kim Parker, was sentenced to eight years in prison for fraud, but she must be out now.

Brittany’s case hasn’t gotten any media attention that I know of in a long time. The last age-progression was done five years ago, when she would have been fourteen. The authorities believe she must be dead now, because she doesn’t have access to her life-sustaining medication. Frankly, I don’t think she lived to see 2001, but as to whether anyone will ever be brought to justice, who knows.

The other Rilya Wilson

She’s a little black girl in foster care who mysteriously disappeared, and her disappearance went unnoticed for a very long time. No, her name isn’t Rilya Wilson. It’s Brittany Williams. She was seven years old and the last time anyone knew where she was was when she visited a doctor in August 2000. Her disappearance went unnoticed for two and a half years.

For some reason Brittany never got nearly as much publicity as Rilya Wilson, and it makes me very sad. This poor child had so many strikes against her: she was black, had AIDS, her mother was dead (of AIDS), her alleged father was in prison, and her foster mother was a woman who evidently didn’t give a damn about her. Brittany’s guardian, Kim Parker, was reported at least three times for abusing Brittany, but nothing was done about it. Kim said she had given Brittany to some friends to take care of, but (big surprise) when those friends were located, they didn’t have her and never had and had no idea where she was. Meanwhile, Kim continued to collect hundreds of dollars a month in financial assistance from the government, money that was supposed to be used to support Brittany, after Brittany had disappeared.

Now Kim’s in prison, serving eight years for fraud. The normal penalty is about a year, but the judge obviously thought this case was a bit more severe than most. She never said where Brittany was, or what she’d done to her. It sickens me to think that such a witch of a woman was entrusted with the care of AIDS orphans.

I’m 110% sure that Brittany is dead, but I’m not sure she was murdered. She may well have been. But I think it’s also possible that she just suddenly died of AIDS-related causes and Kim Parker realized that if she concealed the death, she could continue to milk the Social Security cash cow and use Brittany’s assistance payments however she liked. So this little girl, who had such a hard life, was consigned to a makeshift grave.

I hope Kim Parker dreams about her at night.