Memorial service for Bonita Karen Sanders

Bonita Karen Sanders‘s family — her father’s side, anyway — has held a memorial service for her, 23 years after her disappearance. The child, who was a few days shy of two years old, almost exactly a year older than I am, was supposedly abducted from the front porch when her mom wasn’t looking. However, Bonita’s mother (also called Bonita Sanders) had a pretty bad habit of misplacing her kids. She abandoned Bonita at the hospital after she was born, and later had another baby and abandoned it too. It looks like she had eight children in all. Why are the most rotten parents always also the biggest breeders?

Bonita Sr. is the prime suspect in her daughter’s disappearance, and the police are now certain that the baby was never abducted at all but died at her mother’s house. They haven’t been able to find a body or any evidence of a crime, however. Her dad, Abdul Salaam, was in jail at the time the baby disappeared, and he seems like a decent man. He was never a suspect in baby Bonita’s disappearance. You can read a touching letter Bonita’s older sister wrote to her and read at the memorial service.

The things that people will do to their children. Sigh. What else is there to say?