MP of the week (late again, sorry): Benjamin McLaurin-Johnson

This week’s featured missing person is Benjamin McLaurin-Johnson, a baby who disappeared from San Francisco, California on January 13, 1995. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about the case. He’s listed on NamUs but not on the NCMEC, although the NCMEC clearly made that AP photo of him, since it’s got their logo on it. I have no actual photographs of the boy or any information about the circumstances of his disappearance, other than that he was last seen with his babysitter. Is the sitter a suspect? A fellow victim? I have no idea.

Select It Sunday: Benjamin McLaurin-Johnson

Selected by Annie of For the Lost fame, this week’s case isĀ Benjamin McLaurin-Johnson, who disappeared from San Francisco, California on January 13, 1995, when he was a year old.

That is literally just about all I know about the case. A baby, for crying out loud. “Last seen in the company of his babysitter.” No photo of the child, just an AP (though, granted, a regular photo would be useless). NamUs and NCMEC, can you be any less specific?

I can only hope that some news turns up soon. Or better yet, the kid himself, happy and healthy and 20 years old.