MP of the week: Athena Curry

This week’s featured missing person is Athena Joy Curry, a beautiful young woman with a lovely smile and some distinctive tattoos which I have photos of. Athena was twenty when she disappeared from Atlanta, Georgia on May 27, 2011. She was involved in an abusive relationship at the time. Her family doesn’t believe she would have walked out of her life and abandoned her young son, but there’s no hard evidence of foul play. Just three and a half years of silence.

Athena’s loved ones have a Facebook page for her which has more pictures of her. I can’t find any recent news about this case. If she is still alive, she would now be 24 years old.

More sneaked-in updates (probably the last)

I’ve put up a few more case updates that aren’t announced on the main updates page. As was always the case before, it’s only new pictures: Theresa Bolden, Athena Curry, Dianna Hammonds (she has two) and Dorothy Herbert.

Given as it is now December 31, this will probably be the last set.