MP of the week: Alyssa McLemore

This week’s featured missing person is Alyssa Angelique McLemore, a pretty 21-year-old mother of one who disappeared from Kent, Washington five years ago next month. She sometimes bleached her black hair bright blonde, but I’m not 100% sure what color it was when she disappeared. You can see more photos of her, with both black and blonde hair, on her Facebook page.

There are two disturbing aspects of Alyssa’s disappearance that point to foul play. The first is that she vanished while her mother, whom she was close to, was dying of a terminal illness. Her mother died three days after Alyssa was last seen. The second detail is that Alyssa, or some other woman using her cell phone, called 911 on the day after she was last seen and asked for help, but the line went dead and the authorities weren’t able to trace the call’s location.

Alyssa’s young daughter, who would now be about eight years old, doubtless wants to know what happened to her mother. Alyssa also has other loved ones still looking for her and wondering what became of her. One way or the other, I hope she turns up.