Seven years ago today

As this article notes, it was seven years ago this day that 14-year-old Georgina DeJesus disappeared while walking home from school in Cleveland, Ohio. It seems to be a probable non-family abduction. There’s a chance that Gina may be still alive, as the police think she might have been forced into prostitution. Teen girls Amanda Berry and Ashley Summers also disappeared from Cleveland (Amanda in 2003, Ashley in 2007) and, last I heard, the cops thought the disappearances could be linked.

I know Gina was a special ed student and barely literate, but I’m not sure how far her level of disability went — whether she had poor intellectual functioning in general, or whether she had a normal IQ and just severe dyslexia, or what. I suppose she can’t have been too badly off, intellectually, since she walked to and from school by herself. Her casefile has a sketch of a possible suspect.

Missing girls in Cleveland

A short awhile ago, the FBI profiled the disappearance of Ashley Summers on its website. I wondered why they had done so, since she was listed as a runaway. Now I know: according to this article, the police think Ashley’s disappearance may be linked with Amanda Berry and Georgina DeJesus. Amanda and Georgina are also profiled on the FBI kidnappings page.

All three girls disappeared from the same vicinity in Cleveland. They were all in their teens; Ashley and Georgina were 14, and Amanda was almost 17. Right now the cops are thinking one or more of the girls might have been forced into prostitution. I guess that’s slightly less horrible than the alternative that a serial killer is operating in Cleveland.

Or perhaps the disappearances are unrelated. Perhaps Ashley (who definitely did run away, though what happened to her afterwards is anyone’s guess) is hiding out somewhere and simply doesn’t want to get in touch with her family and friends. I certainly hope so. I don’t have a lot of optimism for the other two, though.