Arkadiy Tashman missing 11 years today

I noticed that Arkadiy Tashman, a seventeen-year-old from New York City, disappeared eleven years ago today. He left behind a note which I can’t interpret any other way but as a suicide note, but there was no other sign. He seems to have vanished without a trace.

If Arkadiy is still alive, he’d be 28. This is a very mysterious case.

Select It Sunday: Arkadiy Tashman

This week’s selection is by B.: Arkadiy Tashman, a Russian immigrant skater boy who vanished under very mysterious circumstances ten years ago in January. He left behind a very distressing note: “Sorry about this. No wake, no funeral.” But if Arkadiy took his own life, where’s the body?

What’s, in a way, even more distressing than that note, is something noted in his casefile: “His parents notified police immediately [after finding the note], but for unknown reasons authorities did not begin an official search for Arkadiy for six days.”


Note nevertheless, his family doesn’t believe he committed suicide. I hope not. In situations like this families are often the last people to know when a person is in that kind of condition.

Arkadiy Tashman missing almost five years

As this Village Voice blog entry notes, seventeen-year-old Arkadiy Tashman will be missing for five years on January 26. He is missing under rather unusual circumstances: he was last seen leaving a friend’s home at 2:45 a.m., and never made it back to his own home on Staten Island. Later that day, his parents found a note in his bedroom that said, “Sorry about his. No wake, no funeral.”

But Arkadiy’s body, if he killed himself, has never been found, and as far as I know there aren’t any real indications that he was suicidal prior to his disappearance. His girlfriend said he had considered suicide before, but nearly everyone does at some point in their lives, and there’s no word on just how far that consideration went. Of course, plenty of people kill themselves without displaying any warning signs beforehand. But where in New York City could you kill yourself without your body ever being found?

Arkadiy doesn’t fit the profile of a runaway, either. He didn’t come from a troubled home and he had no history of running away. He was a high school junior at the time of his disappearance, but I’m not sure how good a student he was. I read somewhere that he had to repeat a year due to excessive absences. (It might be worth noting that he stayed at his friend’s house till nearly three in the morning on a school night.) He is originally from Russia and emigrated to the US at age eleven. His older sister set up a blog about his disappearance, but it hasn’t been updated in over a year.

Perhaps, like in the case of Richard Massey, his body has been found and remains unidentified. I certainly hope not. I hope Arkadiy is still alive and I hope he gets in touch with his family soon. I have no no clue what happened to him, but it doesn’t look good.