Finally did an update

After a whole week of idleness (on Charley anyway) I finally added five cases and updated ten. I was prompted to do this because today is Tuesday and I was supposed to change my MP of the week. Among other things I finally added April Nicole “Niki” Williams, the kidnapped baby from 1983, who’s been waiting in my bookmarks folder since April. I was able to find a little about her in NewspaperArchive. (And I also found out that NewspaperArchive is free at the library. D’oh! I’ve been paying subscription fees for it for years!)

Anyway. Carry on.

A new/old NCMEC case

I always get a bit of a thrill whenever the NCMEC puts up a new poster for a very old case, especially one I haven’t heard of before. They’ve done it again: April Nicole Williams. She was just three and a half months old when she was allegedly abducted from Washington DC by some strange woman on December 7, 1983.

A sketch of the suspect is included. It’s notable that the woman, who was black, had red hair. There are some red-haired black people (Maurice Jefferson comes to mind) but I suppose the abductor’s was probably dyed.

Now I really want to look up this case in the news archives, but what’s the point? I can’t write it up until I get my computer back.

I do wish they would hurry up. I have borrowed my father’s laptop but it’s old and slow and has Windows 2000 and the mouse is one of those little button things in the center of the keyboard which is very annoying.

I hope the NCMEC also puts out an AP for April. Her baby picture is not going to be of much help in identifying her; all babies look alike. She would be 27 years old today. If she was abducted by a stranger like the poster says, there’s no reason to suppose she’s not still alive and out there somewhere, just like Carlina White.