Carlina White, almost a year later

Someone sent me this fascinating feature telling the story of Carlina White/Nejdra Nance’s complicated reunion with her biological family. I had predicted that this would be troublesome and I was right, but all is not lost. I believe Carlina and her bio-family can iron out the problems between them and have a good relationship — though not, obviously, the same one they would have had if they had raised her. Carlina seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and to be making the best of bad circumstances.

About Ann Pettway

Well, it’s official: Ann Pettway, Carlina White’s abductor, is on the run. At the time the whole story broke, Ann was in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is on probation for attempted embezzlement until June 2012, and isn’t allowed to leave the state without permission. Well, now nobody seems to be able to find her, so she’s listed as an absconder. Pettway has a prior record for forgery, theft, drug possession, etc. As for the kidnapping, if she is prosecuted for that, that’s a federal matter. It looks like the state statute of limitations has expired.

According to Carlina, Pettway was in fact pregnant in 1987, but lost the baby. And apparently she told no one, and when she showed up with an infant they all thought it was hers. This fits the profile of the typical baby-snatcher.

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Carlina’s abductor identified

This New York Daily News article has a photo of the kidnapper and a booking photo from a former arrest. Her name is Ann Pettway. She looks nothing like Carlina, and Ann’s family (who, they say, were ignorant of the real facts) would joke about this.

The authorities are keeping it quiet as to what’s going on legally, other than to say no charges have been filed yet. (They keep calling her the “alleged” abductor. Heh.) They’re not saying where Ann’s at, if they even know. Perhaps she’s in jail already for something else. I believe this would be a federal crime, since Ann took Carlina across state lines.

I can see why there’s no rush to file charges. We all basically know what happened, and Carlina is out of danger and reunited with her family. I highly doubt Ann has the resources to be able to skip the country and live out the rest of her life in Morocco or something. There’s plenty of time to sort things out in the criminal courts. But I certainly hope charges ARE filed. Just because it took 23 years to find Carlina doesn’t mean Ann Pettway, and whoever may have helped her with this, should get away with it. This was a terrible crime.