Blog entry about Andrea Gonzalez case

People You’ll See in Hell, a blog I visit frequently and comment on from time to time, has written a blog entry about Kim and Paul Gonzalez, who were convicted in the disappearance and presumed murder of Andrea, who was Paul’s daughter and Kim’s stepdaughter. It doesn’t say, but they may very well have used Charley as a source. It’s worth a read, anyway. So go over there and send Kim and Paul to Hell by popular vote.

Andrea Gonzalez gets a memorial

I found this article about the missing child Andrea Gonzalez, who disappeared from Russellville, Alabama in 1993 at the age of five. Her father and stepmother were later convicted in her death, but her body has never been found.

Andrea never got a break in life. Her mother went to prison when she was little and she wound up in foster care in Illinois, which was probably a good thing considering she had obviously been abused in her mother’s home and had picked up stomach parasites and quite a few¬†behavioral problems. When Mom was released from jail, she didn’t seem all that anxious to reconnect with Andrea or her other two children. Andrea was sent to live with her dad and stepmom early in 1993, and her two siblings were put up for adoption. In less than a year she was dead, supposedly accidentally scalded to death in the bathtub. Curiously, rather than call an ambulance, her father and stepmother chose to get rid of her body and no one as ever found it.

Anyway, a Tennessee company has donated a monument in Andrea’s honor, which is on display near the Franklin County Detention Center in Alabama, along with similar memorials to raise awareness of child abuse. It’s nice that people still care after all this time.

Andrea’s case reminds me a lot of Haleigh Cummings. Except Andrea’s family is even more screwed up than Haleigh’s, and it’s not at all certain that Haleigh is dead.