Amber Dubois found dead

The Los Angeles Times says Amber Dubois’s skeletal remains were found in a remote area in northern San Diego County. She had been missing for a little over a year. CNN has a little more info. The cops aren’t saying whether John Gardner, who was arrested a few days ago for the murder of another San Diego area teen, Chelsea King. Even if Gardner wasn’t involved, it seems it was Chelsea King’s murder that prompted the cops to begin searching anew for Amber.

Another article I found about John Gardner has a quote from a lawyer that says just what I’ve thought for quite some time: We have to trim the list of that 60,000 [California sex offenders] down to a number of truly dangerous people and then intensively supervise them. Somebody who downloads a pornographic image from the Internet is very different from somebody who beats up and savages somebody during the course of a rape. Megan’s Law treats them the same.

As for Amber, I had figured her case would end up like this. My guess is that she was kidnapped and then killed shortly after she disappeared. She was fourteen years old.

Amber Dubois missing one year

Today is the first anniversary of the disappearance of fourteen-year-old Amber Dubois. Nobody has much on her disappearance — she’s joined the ranks of kids who simply vanished into thin air. No indications of foul play, but no indications of a runaway either. No witnesses, no physical evidence, nothing at all.

The North County Times has done two anniversary articles: one about Amber’s mom and how she’s coping, and one about the rest of her family and her friends. From the sounds of it, Amber was a perfectly ordinary fourteen-year-old girl, maybe even more sheltered than most of them.

And now she’s gone. We can only hope she ran away, but it doesn’t look likely.