Finally updated

I apologize for not having updated in ten days. I got addicted to Wanelo and started making all kinds of wishlists for items I have no serious intention of purchasing, and suddenly ten days had passed and there were 22 resolves and all kinds of updates to do. I updated twenty cases today. I will add new ones tomorrow.

I wrote a fairly detailed resolve notice for Amanda Slaughter. Read this feature article for the whole story. Her life and death could be seen as a cautionary tale for what might happen to you if you run away from home. She wanted to go back; if only she had swallowed her pride and her fear and picked up the phone! It’s a shame she wasn’t identified sooner, but I suppose it couldn’t be helped — everyone thought she was someone called Mandy Wells and only her boyfriend knew otherwise, and for reasons best known to himself he kept this a secret all that time.

I also did all the updates with the Shermantine/Herzog well discovery. It’s pretty huge, rather like a few years ago in New Mexico with the bodies on the mesa. It seems like half the MPs in California are going to turn up in those wells.