Alycia Mesiti identified

To no one’s surprise, the body found buried in Alycia Mesiti’s backyard has been identified as…Alycia Mesiti. Thanks to Annie Keller for sending me that article. Her father, who has been arrested on drug charges, is considered a possible suspect in her death. No surprise to me. When a person is found buried in someone’s backyard, you naturally focus on the people who lived on the property.

May she rest in peace. I hope her murderer is quickly brought to justice.

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Human remains found at missing teen’s house

The police have found human remains at the house where fifteen-year-old Alycia Mesiti disappeared from in 2006. Her family no longer lives there. Alycia was listed as a runaway; she supposedly took some clothes and her dog. The article has photos of her which her Charley Project casefile hasn’t got.

There’s no identity to the remains yet, but this certainly doesn’t look good. It reminds me a bit of the Karen Kamsch case. I would say I hope the body is NOT Alycia, but if it isn’t her then it must be someone else. Either way, some person has been murdered and their loved ones will suffer.