At last, some Aleacia Stancil news

You’ll recall that last year (almost exactly one year ago, July 28), I got an NCMEC notice that Aleacia Stancil had been found alive. No details. I had blogged about the case in 2009.

Well, almost a full year later there is finally news about it! See this: Missing Phoenix girl found alive nearly 24 years later.

It is about what I expected. I’m sorry Aleacia’s life has not been a happy one, though she might still be better off than she would have been if raised by her biological mother. I hope she has a happier existence going forward and can at least get ID now.

Wasn’t expecting this

I got an NCMEC message in my email saying Aleacia Di’onne Stancil has been found alive. This comes as a most unexpected surprise. Frankly, I had not expected her to be found at all, never mind found alive. The police were outright admitting they had no idea where to look for her.

The NCMEC, of course, offers no details, and as of this writing, there’s nothing in the news. I’d love to know the circumstances under which Aleacia, who would now be 23 years old, was located, and what sort of woman she’s become. I’m hoping she was properly raised and is in college or something like that. It seems like the odds are against her growing into a functional young adult, but we can hope, right?

I’ve got a case, one of my “foul play is suspected but few details are available” cases, involving a toddler who disappeared in the eighties. A relative emailed me to say the child’s mother sold it for drugs. I don’t doubt this information, but I wasn’t able to confirm it with any official source so it’s not in the casefile, just in my head. In a way I hope that kid WAS sold for drugs, because if it was, maybe it’s still alive.

I often wonder about the little babies on my site who disappeared ages ago and are presumed to be still alive — I wonder what they’re like now. Alexis Manigo/Kamiyah Mobley and Nejra Nance/Carlina White seem to have turned out all right in spite of being raised by their abductors. Aleacia’s mother struggled with drug addiction and was murdered a year after her daughter disappeared; it’s entirely on the cards that whoever raised Aleacia was able to provide a more stable home environment than she could have gotten from her biological family. But the circumstances of Aleacia’s disappearance aren’t that clear and I’m not sure if she was, in fact, abducted.

I hope there’s something in the news soon. I’m happy to learn this baby lived to grow into a woman.


Found some more info on Aleacia Stancil

I found more info on Aleacia Stancil, a nine-month-old baby who disappeared in 1994, about which I knew nothing. According to the Phoenix Police Department (which spells her name “Alecia”), Aleacia’s mother, Toni, gave her to another woman known only as Dee and never saw either of them again. Toni didn’t report Aleacia missing for three months. She died in late 1995.

From what little I know, it sounds like another Caylee Anthony or Ke’Shaun Vanderhorst. I wish I knew more, though. Like, what was the arrangement between Toni and this woman, and what reason did Toni give for not reporting the disappearance for so long? I haven’t been able to find out anything about Toni — no obituary, nothing in the Social Security Death Index either. Perhaps her legal first name wasn’t Toni but Antoinette or something. I haven’t been able to find any articles or anything about Aleacia’s disappearance, either. It’s such a shame, when you think about all the attention Caylee received.

I suppose there’s reason to hope Aleacia is alive today, assuming Toni was telling the truth. We may never know.