Conviction in Alan Watson’s murder

Fifteen-year-old Alan Perez Watson, who disappeared in 2001, was listed as a runaway until his remains were identified last May. His skull had been found in northwest Atlanta, Georgia in 2009; he’d been shot to death. A suspect was arrested the same month the skull was identified.

That suspect, Dion Renaldo Sims, has been found guilty of murder and sentenced to life plus ten years in prison. I can’t find any other articles about it, though; I don’t have much information.

Arrest in Alan Watson’s murder

Earlier I wrote about fifteen-year-old Alan Perez Watson, who disappeared from Atlanta in 2001. He was classified as a runaway, but earlier this month the police identified his skull, which was found in northwest Atlanta in 2009. He’d been shot in the head.

Investigators have arrested Dion Sims and charged him with Alan’s murder. He would have been 26 or so at the time. I looked up Dion on my public records search thingy and it says he has a conviction for drug possession with intent to distribute. You can see a picture of him with this article. I think it’s impressive that they were able to nab a suspect so soon, given how cold the trail was and how little evidence was available. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says they got a lot of tips from the public.

I hope Alan’s family is relieved to hear this news.

Two missing people found dead

01,02I’ve got two resolves for today; both were found dead. The first is fifteen-year-old Alan Perez Watson, who disappeared from Atlanta in 2001. His case was listed as a runaway, but now the NCMEC says he was found deceased. I can find nothing about it in the news. My guess is that he was a John Doe who got identified, but I don’t know. Let me know if you find anything out, k?

The second is 48-year-old Rachael Ann Walsh, who disappeared from Mountain Home, Idaho in August 2008. She was on a camping trip at the time, seventy miles from home. They found her body inside her car in sixty feet of water at the Anderson Ranch Dam. It looks like she just had an accident. Rachael leaves four children and at least one grandchild.