Heard from the cops about Kenneth Welch

I got an email from a detective with the Flagstaff, AZ police department asking me where I got my photo of Kenneth Lawrence Welch, since the Flagstaff police had none available. Welch’s case has never been updated and may have been created by Jennifer Marra back in the MPCCN days.

I was able to tell him where I got the photo — the CDOJ — and now I’m going to have to correct Mr. Welch’s casefile, because Flagstaff says the date of disappearance was April 3, 1980, not April 5, 1990. Whoops.

I’m feeling a lot better. When I took Dad back to his apartment yesterday, we had dinner (my first meal since Monday!) and he gave me a sack of apples to take home with me.

Flashback Friday: Ted Wall and Jeff Mays

This week’s Flashback Friday case(s) are Ted Haywood Wall and Harold Jeffrey “Jeff” Mays, two commercial fishermen who disappeared (together with their supposedly unsinkable boat) at Cape Hatteras off the coast of North Carolina. It was November 13, 1980; they were 22 and 21 respectively.

There’s a possible drug connection here, at least according to Jeff’s family and his best friend. Jeff’s mother wrote a book about called Outer Banks Piracy: Where is My Son Jeffrey?

Select It Sunday: Jackie Boyer

Chosen by Heather, this week’s Select It Sunday case is Jackie Kay Boyer, who vanished from her bedroom in the night, two weeks after her twelfth birthday, in 1980. She disappeared from Windsor, a town in Sonoma County, California. It looks like an abduction to me; there were pry marks on her window, it says. But I have very little information on this case, even after digging through newspaper archives, which is really sad.

Jackie isn’t on the NCMEC site OR on NamUs OR on the California DOJ database, which makes me wonder if her case is even still open anymore — and, if it isn’t, why it was closed. The only photo is black and white and not of the greatest quality — although you do get a pretty good look at her teeth. She had a nice smile.

If she’s still alive, Jackie would be 48 today. But it seems like she would have called home if she could have.

Flashback Friday: Judith O’Donnell

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Judith Erin O’Donnell. She disappeared from Baltimore, Maryland on November 30, 1980, but she actually lived in New York City. She’d been visiting Baltimore with her family for Thanksgiving and the last time they saw her was when they dropped her off to get a bus back home.

Given Judith’s lifestyle, I think it’s very unlikely that she’s still alive. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a Jane Doe somewhere. Common sense would indicate that wherever she is, it’s somewhere between Baltimore and New York.

Flashback Friday: Harold Jeffrey Mays and Ted Haywood Wall

This week’s Flashback Friday case goes to two young men, Harold Jeffrey Mays (who went by his middle name) and his friend Ted Haywood Wall. They were 21 and 22 years old respectively when they disappeared off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina on November 13, 1980. Both of them were commercial fishermen. They were never seen again and their boat was never located either.

Apparently, the type of boat Jeffrey and Ted were using is extremely difficult to sink. Even if it were swamped, its flotation would keep it just below the surface of the water. Yet the Coast Guard never found it, although they covered over 100,000 square miles of ocean.

Jeffrey’s family believes he and Ted did not meet with an accident. They think their disappearances could be drug-related. Jeffrey’s mom, Shirley, self-published a book called Where is My Son Jeffrey? I can’t find it for sale anywhere though, and besides the Library of Congress, the only library that has it is the University of North Carolina’s at Chapel Hill.

Growl. Muttergrumble.

I’ve been obsessively entering names into Newspapers.com today for info on older missing persons cases and gotten some good results. But some things are just not good enough. For example, I found a new photo of Megan Ginevicz, but it is of just such terrible quality that I am not going to use it. Don’t believe me? Check it out. I can tell it’s a different picture from the one I already have only because you can see her hand up in front of her face. There’s no point in posting this thing. I’ll just have to hope I come up with a better version somewhere else in the archives.

[UPDATE: Yay, someone found me a better version!]

Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered

I was looking for information on Darron Glass and came across this fascinating website about the Atlanta Child Murders. I don’t know much about the murders but I know there is a lot of doubt and controversy about them. This website has loads of info about the various connections between the people and places involved. It also has pictures of the victims and their families — and, in some cases, the crime scenes with the bodies in situ. (Just warning you.)

MP of the week: Khymbrly Scruggs

This week’s featured missing person is Khymbrly Marcella Scruggs, age 19, missing from Sacramento, California since January 12, 1980. I’ve never seen Kimberly spelled that way before. Whether she liked the spelling or not, it must have been a pain in a butt. I like the spelling of my name but it is inconvenient to have to correct everyone when they spell it wrong, and spell it out for people over the phone.

As for Khymbrly, the police believe the local rapist probably killed her. He dropped out of sight for months after her disappearance and, when he was located, the cops questioned him for twelve hours. He denied everything, they could prove nothing against him and they let him go. Later he was imprisoned for rape.

She has, apparently, been declared legally dead.

Flashback Friday: Jason Townsend

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Jason Edward Thornton Townsend, missing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida since May 20, 1980. He was three. It’s pretty obvious what happened to Jason, but there’s been no trace of him since 1980. Beyond that I don’t have much to say, other than that is a really awful case.

Flashback Friday: Daniel Fogg

Daniel Fogg is this week’s Flashback Friday featured case: an intellectually disabled man who vanished from the Austin, Texas residential treatment facility where he lived on July 17, 1980. In addition to having a low IQ, Fogg is autistic. I’m thinking he might be still on the ranch, but who knows. He might have wandered off and been picked up by someone. But I doubt he survived long after his disappearance.