ET yesterday

Yesterday I got another ET entry in, #196: Modiste Villebrun, the last person executed in Canada while it was still a colony. Villebrun lived in Quebec and he and his girlfriend, Sophie Boisclair, poisoned his wife and her husband so they could marry each other. They got away with the first murderĀ but they were caught the second time. My guess is the lovers weren’t being terribly discreet about their affair.

Sophie Boisclair’s sentence was commuted to life in prison because she was pregnant. She was released after serving 20 years.

And that’s the last of my Executed Today entries for this month.

Germantown Historical Society opens Charley Ross exhibit

This was sent to me by my cousin Dejah. (Hi, Dejah!) The Germantown Historical Society in Pennsylvania has opened an exhibit on the ransom kidnapping of four-year-old Charley Ross, for whom the Charley Project is named. It includes all the original ransom notes.

Why the exhibit is called “Kidnapped: Lost and Found” I do not know, seeing as how Charley was never found.