Black History Month: Angela Darcel Cephas

In honor of Black History Month I’m profiling one African-American MP every day on this blog for the month of February. Today’s case is Angela Darcel Cephas, who disappeared from Port Norris, New Jersey on May 4, 1984.

She was tiny — only a little over four feet tall. And she was seven months pregnant.

Angela left to go on a bike ride through her neighborhood and never came back. The bike never turned up either, which is unusual. She left all her belongings behind at home.

Sadly, the most common non-natural cause of death in pregnant women is homicide, and the most common killer is the father of the baby. In Angela’s case, she had identified a former boyfriend as the father of her unborn child, but he said he was not the father and had never even dated her. This man also refused to cooperate with the police in her disappearance.

If Angela is still alive, she’d be 52 or 53 and her baby would be 33. But I’m pretty sure Angela is dead and her baby was never born.

Select It Sunday: Ashley Eiffert

This week’s Select It Sunday is Ashley Marie Eiffert, chosen by Ashley’s mom. This tiny (under five feet tall) nineteen-year-old disappeared from New Orleans on January 9, 2003. She was last seen arguing with someone on her cell phone. She left her vehicle behind, but it was reportedly broken anyway. Ashley has two tattoos and she was seven months pregnant.

Ashley’s mother told me she’s got a Facebook page, but I can’t find it. I wish I could find out more about her case. Hopefully her mother can provide me more info. I wonder how much attention the New Orleans police have given it; I’ve heard terrible things about that police department, and then of course Hurricane Katrina trashing the city two years later can’t have helped matters.

If Ashley is still alive, she’d be 34 now. Her child would be 14 this month.

Flashback Friday: Martha Ann Dicks

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Martha Ann Dicks, a 19-year-old who disappeared from Sumter, South Carolina on March 29, 1972. I’ve only got one photo of her and it’s of very poor quality. Martha’s sister said she was a lesbian, but she dated men sometimes; perhaps she was bisexual. I wonder if she was transgender; she liked to wear men’s clothing and used the name “Clyde.” She may have been pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

Serial killer Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins knew Martha and confessed to her murder sometime before his execution in 1991. Several of his ten confirmed victims were people known to him, which is unusual; serial killers usually murder strangers. The murder is also unusual in that it was an interracial crime; most murders, including serial murders, are intra-racial — that is, both killer and victim are of the same race. Pee Wee Gaskins was white and Martha Dicks was black.

In any case, Martha “Clyde” Dicks was never found. If she were alive today she would be 63. Her baby, if she actually was pregnant, would be about 44.

Let’s talk about it: Ashok Narain

NamUs gives the year 1987 for when Ashok Kumar Narain disappeared from Eugene, Oregon. Other sources say it was in April 1988. Regardless, Ashok’s disappearance is a very mysterious case — was he a murderer, a victim, or both?

The story begins in 1983 when Ashok, a native of Fiji, married Raj, a fellow Fijian from his village. It was an arranged ceremony. The couple moved to Oregon and subsequently had a little girl, Kamnee Koushal Narain.

The Narains regularly wrote letters to their families back in Fiji. Nobody back home detected anything amiss from the letters; it looked like a normal marriage and Raj seemed happy enough. The letters eventually stopped, but the couple’s Fijian relatives weren’t worried.

In the meantime, in September 1987, the dismembered remains of a pregnant woman were found in two different rivers in Washington and Oregon. A few days later, a toddler’s body was found in yet a third river in the vicinity. Although the police suspected the woman and child were related, they couldn’t prove it, and there were no missing persons that matched either of them.

Ashok’s brother reported the Narains missing in 2006. He’d heard about the dead woman and baby in Washington, and Raj’s family couldn’t find any trace of her online. In 2007, DNA testing confirmed the bodies were Raj and Kamnee. Mother and daughter were taken back Fiji for burial. Raj was 24 years old at the time of her death; Kamnee was only fourteen months.

I haven’t seen anything about a cause of death. It’s possible the police don’t know due to the condition of the remains. It’s equally possible that police do know and are withholding this information from the public.

So… where’s Ashok, the last surviving member in the family? Nobody knows.

When a woman, particularly a pregnant woman, is murdered, the police always start their investigation by looking at the husband or boyfriend. Yet, there’s no warrant for Ashok’s arrest and he isn’t even being called suspect; he’s only wanted for questioning as a witness. He certainly seems to have dropped off the map entirely since his wife and daughter’s killings — although I must admit, he had a really good head start.

Yet the dates here are pretty significant, because if the 1988 date is correct, that means Ashok was last seen over six months AFTER Kamnee and Raj’s killings. And that’s kind of hard to explain away.

I have no idea whether or not Ashok committed the murders. I do, however, think whoever did it was someone close to the victims. I believe this because the killer(s) went to a great deal of trouble disposing of the bodies and concealing their identities. I mean: dismemberment, hiding Raj’s head where it would never be found, and dumping the pieces in three different rivers in two different states. I think if the person was a stranger or only a slight acquaintance, they wouldn’t bother with all that.

R.I.P. Raj, and the baby you were carrying. R.I.P. Kamnee. I hope they find out who committed such a terrible crime.

And… let’s talk about it.

Another AP dump

  1. Douglas Charles Chapman
  2. Allyson Corrales
  3. Amber Nicole Crum
  4. Carlos Alberto Reyes
  5. Sarah Rachel Tokier
  6. Jacqueline Vasquez

Also, Norma Houghland has a new picture, courtesy of Peter Henderson’s Facebook page.

[EDIT: And the number of photos of Lucero Sarabia has doubled from six to twelve, thanks to this recent TV bit on her and this Facebook page set up in her memory. Seven years ago I blogged about Lucero. Not about her case exactly but about the awful judgy things people said about her, about how she had DARED to go to a party to celebrate Thanksgiving and SHE DYED HER HAIR OMG I MUST CLUTCH MY PEARLS and so on.]

I had hoped to add some new cases today, but I’ve only been working five hours and my upper back is starting to go. I do, however, have a fine set of updated cases warming in the oven.

Let’s talk about it: Juanita Oxenrider

Charley Project Irregular Katherine B. suggested I do a “let’s talk” feature where I post some of the most bizarre Charley Project cases there are to offer, and let people have free rein speculating about them in the comments. I don’t think I have enough super-bizarre cases to make a regular weekly go of this, but here’s the first one anyway:

Juanita Marie Oxenrider, a pregnant 29-year-old who disappeared after she, her husband Donald, and a friend, Thomas Maynard, took a ride out on the Oxenriders’ boat on the Patapsco River in central Maryland in 1976. The boat mysteriously exploded and sank in broad daylight in only fifteen feet of water, but no bodies were immediately recoverable.

Six months later, in the river about a mile downstream from where the boat sank, Donald Oxenrider’s body turned up. They were too severely decomposed to determine the cause of death. In an even more crazy detail of this case, the other passenger, Thomas Maynard, turned up a decade after that, alive and well — the guy was facing serious criminal charges at the time of his disappearance, and he’d jumped the country and had been in Canada all that time.

But what happened to Juanita? You decide. It’s worth noting that she has been declared legally dead. But if she’s still alive she’d be about 69 today, and her baby would be 41 39.

Let’s hear it from the comment crowd. All theories are welcomed.

More little updates

I’ve finished my updates for today — nothing terribly exciting, just a bunch of runaways and some small case details. (Does anyone think the conversation Shelia Diane Hughes had with her sister the night before her disappearance is incredibly creepy? Perhaps it meant nothing, perhaps they were just discussing mortality in general, I don’t know. But it seems very suspicious to me, given what happened later. I wish I knew the context of her statements.)

Anyway, as I often do, I made a little tiny few case updates of the kind I don’t usually add to the updates page:

  1. Lisa Jane Borden has a new picture, emailed to me by a Charley Project irregular whose name I don’t know.
  2. Amy Lee Fandel‘s age-progression has been updated. I’m not sure why hers was done and her brother Scott‘s was not.
  3. Edward Joseph Garlinghouse Jr. has an alias name and a few alias dates of birth, courtesy of NamUs. Edward, incidentally, is a hero, as you can tell by the circumstances of his disappearance. I thought I should mention that.
  4. Janteyl Danielle Johnson‘s name is pronounced “Jon-tel” so I added that in her distinguishing characteristics. I had thought it might be Jan-tayl or something.

Make-a-List Monday: Native Americans

People who are listed as “Native American” without qualification: that is, not biracial Native American and something else. Though most Native Americans have some none-Native ancestry and probably that applies to the people on this list too.

  1. Vincent Frank Adamczak
  2. Stephan Mitchell Adams
  3. Albert Scott Agathluk
  4. Mary Anne Alexie
  5. Michial David Annamitta Jr.
  6. Nathan Anungazuk
  7. Eric M. Apatiki
  8. Olin Apatiki
  9. Sharon Baldeagle
  10. Lauria Jaylene Bible
  11. JoJo Boswell
  12. Sheldon L. Boyd
  13. Jacob Cabinaw
  14. Mary Anna Carmelo
  15. Charlie T. Chocknok Sr.
  16. Edith Margaret Claver
  17. Samatha Lynn Clonch
  18. Gene Jacob Cloud Jr.
  19. Ryan Cooper
  20. Teresa Kay Davis
  21. Gabriel Adams Demmert
  22. Harlan James Dennis
  23. Nancy Zoe Dennis
  24. Martin Ebona III
  25. Karen Dean Evan
  26. Stella Anastasia Evon
  27. Darryl Bruce Fawcett
  28. Tina Marie Finley
  29. Augustine Lee Floyd
  30. David Post George
  31. Vincent Gorman
  32. Sara Nicole Graham
  33. Marion Gonangnan
  34. Ronald Joseph Hamilton Jr.
  35. Ronda Sue Harney
  36. Archie Carl Henry Jr.
  37. Bryce Florian Herda
  38. Craig L. Hoskie
  39. Jody Fern Howard
  40. Shantelle Hudson
  41. Lancelot Immergan
  42. Linda Louise Jackson
  43. Kent Jacobs
  44. Amy Marie Johnson
  45. Theresa Johnny
  46. Melody Ann Jones
  47. Leonard Lane
  48. Andrew Jon Lufkins
  49. James Kahlstorf
  50. Jascie Kara Kaywaykla
  51. David Wayne Killitz
  52. Ruthie Fawn Kindness
  53. Donna Kay Kingston
  54. Jeffrey Frederick Ervin Kolden
  55. Brandi Lee Krajewski
  56. Justina Kunayak
  57. Wyatt Cole Little Light
  58. Delwin Locklear
  59. Gary Locklear
  60. Jessica Michelle Lowery
  61. Elsie Eldora Luscier
  62. Marjorie Maldonado
  63. Wilbert Martin
  64. Hector Lorenzo Martinez Jr.
  65. Sharletha Maynor
  66. Teresa Darlene McCullen
  67. Michelle Elaine Meiser
  68. Kateri Marie Mishow
  69. Kimberly Doreen Mullens
  70. Ward Olanna
  71. Beverly Ann Ozuna-Ulrich
  72. Brandon Tyler Phillips
  73. Virginia Sue Pictou-Noyes
  74. Edwin Oliver Pooler
  75. George Wayne Pooler
  76. John Baptiste Reamer
  77. Roderick Lee Red Star
  78. Tiffany Reid
  79. Elaina Eugenia Rivera
  80. Sherie Marie Rowland
  81. Ernest L. Saccheus
  82. Yvonne Renee Scott
  83. Valerie Sifsof
  84. Kelly Diane Sims
  85. Anna L. Spencer
  86. Roland Jack Spencer III
  87. Robert Garrett Stewart Jr.
  88. Pernell Lloyd Tewangoitewa
  89. Kimberly Faye Thrower
  90. Doreen Marie Tiedman
  91. Melody St. Clair Turner
  92. Giovanna Katie Tyler
  93. Sequoya Vargas
  94. Kathleen Marie Wandahsega
  95. Andrea Jerri White
  96. Rebecca Jane White
  97. Michael P. Williams
  98. Levi Brian Yellowmule Jr.

Select It Sunday: Miriam Cavallo

Chosen by Jaclyn: Miriam A. Cavallo, who disappeared from Los Angeles, California on November 23, 1983. She was 19 at the time and was a high school classmate of a friend of Jaclyn’s, apparently.

Other than the area she disappeared from — Victory Boulevard and Topanga Avenue — and the time — 11:30 p.m. — I’ve got exactly zilch on Miriam’s disappearance. Nothing. Nada.

I would love it if a family member or someone else who knew her would reach out to me, either by email at or in the comments on this blog.

If she is alive, Miriam Cavallo would be 51 today.

MP of the week: Ashley Parlier

This week’s featured missing person is Ashley Marie Parlier, missing since June 2005 from Battle Creek, Michigan. I didn’t have much on her, so I Googled her and discovered NAMPN has some information I didn’t have, including that she was slightly mentally disabled, with the capacity of a fourteen-year-old.

This 2013 article, which cites the Charley Project, says she “was apparently a part of a high risk lifestyle.” I don’t know where they’re getting that from. I describe her as a “shy, quiet person with few friends.” She lived with her parents and didn’t have a car or a credit card. That’s about the opposite of high risk. I don’t see any “high risk” traits at all, other than her being pregnant out of wedlock. Although that by itself is often risky enough.

It’s been ten and a half years. Ashley would be 31 today, if she’s still alive. But I don’t think she is.