Sean Munger MP profiles I forgot to post earlier

A few weeks ago my friend Sean Munger profiled the disappearance of Madeline “Lynn” Babcock, missing for 45 years now. I forgot to mention this before. Sean, as many readers know, also ran Charley’s Twitter feed; or, at least he did until last month when he got sick and I was granted temporary guardianship. (Watch for two MPs a day, one male, one female, at a little after 1:00 a.m. EST. Thanks to TweetDeck, a really handy bit of software, I’ve got ’em pre-scheduled.)

Madeline looks quite beautiful in the only decent picture of her, which was taken when she was 15. (She was 35 at the time of her disappearance.) The other photos, while much more recent, are low quality and it’s hard to tell what she even looked like as an adult. But who knows, maybe more pictures, or better versions of the ones I already have, will show up on NamUs or somewhere someday.

Ten days ago Sean also posted an entry on the discovery of the McStay family’s remains.

Sean Munger does MPs/pop culture

Sean has put up a blog entry analyzing the film The Blair Witch Project as if it was about a real missing persons case. He actually wrote to me beforehand to ask if I thought such a treatment would be offensive to anyone. I reckoned not. I mean, some people might get offended, but some people will get offended about anything. I’ve never seen the movie but this entry made me want to.

Sean Munger does Sheldon Boyd

My friend Sean Munger, who’s kept his own blog active while I’ve been slacking, wrote an entry profiling the disappearance of Sheldon Boyd. I haven’t updated Sheldon’s case since I added it in November 2007, nearly six years ago. A 5’6, 160-pound Native American, he was 27 when he disappearance from Chandler, Arizona in May 2007. He left behind all his stuff and there was no indication of problems in his life that might lead him to disappear.

Stevie Bates

Sean Munger’s blog has a post about Stevie Bates, a young, socially conscious college student who disappeared eighteen months ago under rather mysterious circumstances. I won’t hazard a guess as to what happened to her; it could be anything. I just hope she’s still alive.

Sean Munger writes about McStay family

Sean’s done a very good blog entry recapping the disappearances of the McStay family: Joseph McStay, his wife Summer, and their two small boys Gianni and Joseph Jr. Sean also reviewed a book written about the case, and based on what he said about it, I think I’ll pass on reading it. That case is about as mysterious as you’ll find anywhere; I don’t think I’ve seen another one like it, and I’ve seen just about everything. I agree with him that if it isn’t solved, it seems destined to become something historic.

Two Sean Munger posts

A heads up: Sean Munger has written about the Charley Project MP Amelia Marquez/Talia Bey, as well as the women who disappeared along with her but aren’t on Charley. He also did an entry about Leah Toby Roberts, who case reminds me very much of Maura Murray.

The Marquez entry in particular has a lot of stuff the Charley casefile doesn’t have. I’ll have to update my site with the new information one of these days.