I am seriously considering blocking all emails containing the word “Pawtucket”

I keep getting emails from some person — I’m not sure whether this is a man or a woman, they don’t give their name — claiming to have seen one of my MPs in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. They also often claim that a certain man (an actual resident of Pawtucket, according to Spokeo, but I don’t want to name him to protect his privacy) was involved in the disappearance or “should be questioned” about the MP. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of case it is — family abduction, voluntary missing adult, foul play suspected, whatever — or how old the case is.

I have gotten 49 emails from this individual (each time claiming to have seen a different MP in Pawtucket) TODAY ALONE. I got three more as I was writing this entry. This person writes me occasionally, sending mass emails like this to me every couple of months for a few days at a time. At this rate you’d think the city of Pawtucket is populated by no one except MPs, my correspondent, and the apparent serial kidnapper/killer my correspondent names as having caused all those disappearances.

I tried to block the person before but it didn’t work for some reason. I have never written back to any of their emails because I’m pretty sure a polite request to go away is not going to work. You might recall that I called the cops on a previous email stalker, but that was because I had their address. The only thing I know about this person is that they apparently live in Pawtucket and own a BlackBerry.

Maybe just blocking emails with the word “Pawtucket” will work. I’m sick of deleting this person’s emails from my inbox.


Got a message on Facebook:

I am demanding my son [his name snipped] be remove off your web site and demanding he is not place any more into any website your company is related to or else I will be more than happy to file a complaint with the court, for slander, as well as assisting kidnapping of my child, which was abuse by his father and step mother. Currently I have sole legal custody and the picture that is being blast on the site was stolen out of my home by his father. I am a victim of domestic violence and your company is the reason my son was abuse by his father as well as has been molested, after being place in the foster system…. Remove my name of your site as well as my son name and picture… this is a demand. your company place people name on the website base on lies and deceived.. If our name and picture does not get deleted, i will file a complaint with the court

[Her name snipped]

Well, lady, news for you:

1. I don’t run a company.
2. You don’t know what “slander” means.
3. The Charley Project has never assisted in anyone’s kidnapping or in the abuse of any child.
4. You kidnapped your kid. The kid’s father never abducted him that I know of.
5. Your name is not listed anywhere on my site.
6. I had to look up your kid’s name because I couldn’t remember who he was. He’s buried deep in the resolved section, having been found three years ago.
6. Go to hell.

Springtime, when the crazies come out of their dens

An email today, which I quote in its entirety:

So let’s recap. While the overpaid police union SCUM were throwing pot and sex parties on someone else’s property in accordance with their “liberaltarianism politics” (used as an excuse) and harassing
(for example “the panty raid” where I got stuck with the ticket even though the accuser didn’t show up and the “fleeing and eluding” where I somehow managed to collect a signed ticket (two weeks after the other one and seconds before I decided to take the great $2500 legal advice of “Get out of town )and then make a magical “escape” from the entire Whitehall PA Police Department)
the ONE supervising PERSON who spoke out against the “skinnydipping” at Camp Good News whose pedophile and porno addicted doctors and Camp Directors later contacted Robert Wood and wrote his trailer trash sermons for him (just before the Sara Wood Kidnapping), Camp Director Chuck DeVita was spending as many as 20 years groping pre-adolescent boys AND working as a teacher in Upstate NY …AND Ernie Milnes (later convicted as a Tier 3 Sex Offender) had free roam of the countryside.

I don’t suppose the general public will ever see the news because the most important “thing” is that the overpaid, inbred, lazy stupid racist pig animal police union scum don’t get publicly (and widely) “reformed”.

Oh-kay. *backs away slowly*

Stalker followup

At the suggestion of commenter Jen, I called the police in Sarasota about my stalker lady. I explained that I’d been getting hundreds of emails from her over the past month, read them a few samples, and gave them that Wharf Road address she keeps mentioning. They actually took me seriously. I was surprised by that. Anyway, they sent someone to that address and discovered the woman had in fact lived there at one time, but no longer, and they called me explaining that I had to file a report with my local jurisdiction because there was little else they could do at this point.

So I called my local sheriff’s office and they sent a deputy over and I went through the whole spiel with him, showing him the emails. And he said he would take the report and fax it to Sarasota to hopefully set the wheels in motion. This woman needs help and she’s reaching out to me for some reason, and I hope she can get some help now.

Why does this always happen to me?

More correspondence from my stalker

Remember the schizophrenic stalker I wrote about earlier? Well, I thought she had given up, but she has resumed her nonsensical messages to me. (They now get automatically sent to Spam.) There have been 32 messages since June 7, including gems such as:

It is true and I know it.I am highly upset over it now that I looked it up and remembered my child hood picture. Maddox,Tankersley.Orr,Demarias.Massey.Going back to Palm Beach Florida.Virginia.Devestaed my life.I do not want to claim it and I mean it.serial killers are you out of your minds.I had to die with my infants and toddlers for it and the community had to let go for it.Real nice of every one.


Going back to the 1970’s/lay down you are geeting Bubba now you and your children are my virgin sacrifice.Extortion now and you better not turn me in.Shut up AIDS infested whore.Submit.Look at what Manson did.That is the women,teen aged girls,infants and toddlers.The women and teenaged girls were not.Assholes.You are not men of worth ever.You gave the women and children over to the occult never caring.Assholes.Claiming muslim and do not help.Now several dead and do it not a big deal.Jean was the reason it happened.They never left the community.Every one lost thier babies and it will never end.Bubba gave the children and the young women and teen aged girls to the occult.Go to hell for it.KKK claimed oragies.Malcolm Scott will never be thankfull for those assholes being free.Blackmail.They were ordered to submit with weapons and now they are going to be m,urdered manson style with thier infants and toddlers.Good job to the secret society.Let it be your daughter.You say it was for them after all.3461 Serena and out in the field 1993-1996 Sarasota Florida.Good job such honorable men and women of the community.Did you know that twop girls died at 1825 Warf Rd sarsota Florida feb 1992 for the secret society they must have thier secret foreced oragies now the teen aged girls died to the occult with infants and toddlers.Good job.It needs to be thier daughter instead next time.


I want the police to know what caused it.Abnormal low lives slamming knives into infants and toddlers.Getting into my nova to kill your daughter and it never stops.Concubine and the child is not mine.The baby needing help top live wanted a hand out.Too many mouths to feed.Not thier damn say.Julie Joiner saw a truck.Serena and out in the field 1993-1996 The children turned thier sorry asses in and said we are still under age and will stab you assholes for it.We had to defend ourselves.The Zodiac killer outy west did not sound very intelligent.I killed for the fun of it.I read some of is writings to the people.I believe the killer in eat shows a real reason for the killing.Bullies murdering our offspring.Devestyated our lives.If I were a killer I would a KKK outfit and choke the shit out ever damn one of those abnormal scum saying getting into my nova to kill your baby.Raping families of thier children and then want blackmail for it.Melissa Scott said stab the basterds and bitches killing our children and cut off thier heads strip them naked and get in the boat and toss away.The children deserved to live.Go to hell.3461 Serena and Fruitville Rd sarasota Florida

Someone else needs their medication checked

Some woman has, over the past two days, sent me 21 emails, none of which make very much sense. The fact that I have completely ignored her doesn’t seem to discourage her a bit. I had listed her as spam and I found the next 20 emails in my spam box while I was looking for something else. Some typical examples:

At 3:00 p.m. yesterday:
Melissa Louise Scott told the authorities to begin with 1992.Get to the dock.Thrown in at the end.The men are evil and the women are too.It has been over 18 years.It is called Bubba.Sarasota Florida.Overheard Vamo,Back yard of Vamo and Warf.They are wrong not to listen.

At 4:10 p.m.:
You will hurt and I know it.Not right and it is not me doing it.The men call it Bubba and it is very violent rape and abuse.Expect your daughters dead or close to it when found.I noticed New Mexico,Texas,Florida,Missouri,virginia.Illinois also.A secret society so they will not help.The victim did.Melissa Louise Scott at 1825 Warf Rd Sarasota Florida.

I have no idea who Melissa Louise Scott is. She’s not one of my missing people, nor is she listed as missing on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement site, nor can I find any articles about her in Newslibrary. As far as I can tell the address doesn’t even exist. I appear to be a target for yet another schizophrenic’s delusions. Ma’am, if you are reading this blog, please stop writing me. I cannot help you.

Why does this always happen to me?

Someone needs their dosage checked

I got the following email just now. Details obscured to protect the seriously paranoid and deluded.

Please keep this information confidential –

I strongly suspect that FBI agents know what happened to [name of missing girl]. The [missing girl’s] family has been spied on secretly by FBI agents since 1988, [her aunt] working near [a major airport].

I was a federal employee working out of W[…] C[…] Post Office, and postal employees were and still secretly spied on by FBI agents since the late 1970’s. FBI agents keep secret files on all of us, from our family to our friends, including our pets’ names -what schools we went to since we were in grade school. FBI agents at the time, pretended to spy on us secretly to train us for intelligence which was all a lie. I graduated with a Criminal Justice degree. I had applied and taken exams for U.S. Postal Inspector- I had to fill out a Security Clearance Background Packet which was sent to the FBI between 1981-82.

I am related to [missing girl], because [the girl]’s aunt, lives with my brother – on and off relationship since 1988. FBI agents were illegally spying on us to commit illegal human experimentation research with laser technology with the pretense of spied on to train for intelligence. (Those involved in the cover up are FBI agents [KS] of W[…] C[…] (1988); FBI [MS] of R[…] (1992); 1994 W[…] C[…] Police Department; 1995 F[…] Sheriff Office; 1998 F[…] Police Department…)

License plates that I strongly suspect were involved in this crime are: KUWAIT; SPY (yellow VW 1985); ROUNDUP (1987); SEALOVE… FBI agents and corrupted law enforcement were using license plates as part of the experiment and to commit murders – which involved the murder of [a postmaster and a celebrity’s son]; and others. FBI agent females used the license plate of ROUNDUP (driven by an elderly woman in 1987 at K[…] H[…] heading east; American made car) to predict and commit the murder of [the postmaster]. FBI agent females and male agents (anonymous) made the prediction in the murder of [the celebrity’s son] using same license plate number from Arizona and British Columbia – something similar to GHR921 or 621. [CP] was questioned by L[…] A[…] Police Department.

Female FBI agents were illegally experimenting with ‘ESP—‘ license plates in City of W[…] C[…] – and that is how FBI started with predicting before they committed murder of [the postmaster, the celebrity’s son], and others.

FBI agents illegally uses psychology delivered via laser beams, to commit the murder of [BF] (teenager at W[…] H[…] School). Female FBI agents were illegally spying on and experimenting with license plates – including names of GUNN… He is the nephew of our W[…] C[…] Postal Supervisor. I know that FBI agents illegally assault children with laser beams, even with laser beam lights. Female FBI agents working in the W[…] C[…] area illegally spies on how parents discipline their children; only to illegally experiment with ‘punishment’ on both the parents and child.

I was set up by law enforcement agencies – by an anonymous caller in an incident with W[…] C[…] PD in 1994. I was set up again by F[…] Sheriff Dept in 1995, for the FBI to secretly intimidate me to say it was the CIA who murdered and experimented with laser technology.

These laser technology needs to be regulated – to know who is using it and how they are using it, and why law enforcement agencies are using it, and whom they are using it on.

I hope this provides a better insight to helping find what really happened to [missing girl] which law enforcement agencies not to trust- pretending to investigate or even cover up her disappearance.

Calling all loons

I just got an email from some nut who thinks he knows exactly how Jacob Wetterling‘s abduction happened by reading Jacob’s “Torah matrix,” whatever that means. It’s worth quoting at length:

In the Torah matrix which is Jacob Wetterling, October,1989, and evening interlock between the names of Jacob and Wetterling. Setting midway and top between names is the word ambush, the word missing is centered between the 2 names. The words abomination, plunder, and corpse all begin at the same place which happens to be the one instance where God’s name shares a letter with a second listing of God’s name. Jacob was not abducted to be force fed pork or remarry a former wife – all spellings of this abomination are related to homosexual things. The word boy intersects the word child which in turn intersects the word Wetterling showing we are speaking of a child named Jacob. The word face-mask is also present and horizontal to between the two names of Jacob.

The word motive is present below the names of Jacob favoring Jacob rather than Wetterling – it is 4 letters. The word coitus is also 4 letters and are on the same line offset to the next letter running the same direction and length. Overlapping those two words is the word craved. (motive=craved coitus). On the right side of the matrix an extremely tight grouping of words are fag, defile, defiling, expert. Pedophile with previous history of abduction/molesting boy(s) (fag/expert) – and the defile words. Intersecting this is the onboard matrix translator’s translated name of perp1.

Other factual words such as captive are present (led away becomes immediately captive), pronouns for the abductor such as whodoneit and examiner, and some others.

Perp2’s name is as perfect a transliteration as I am capable of making. It parallels Jacob running the opposite direction and right next to it – 1skip.

The word crime rests centered atop of the word Jacob and the word four is right in the immediate vicinity.

I do not have the math disciplines to exact the odds of occurrence of all these hits – my simple method had a denominator consisting > 80 zeroes. However just the two names of Jacob yield millions to one odds via the onboard odds estimator – which only goes to millions to one.

There is one thing that is known by the remaining victims, their parents and the police that was leaked out, then disavowed by one of the parents. Crime scene info seems to indicate that that really did take place and it just happens to be a fetish of perp1. The rumor was that the boys were fondled. (lay face down while trying to pick a victim? – disavowment was they were “turned over by the leg”). The matrix has the word ambusher right of the two names of Jacob. The word examine begins at the second letter of ambusher and runs to the right, the word testicles begins at the third letter of ambusher and runs to the left thru Wetterling over to Jacob (examine testicles)(or was it the other way around – I forgot). If this one thing could be truthfully forwarded and fondle was a truism – major point to believability that the matrix is true and complete.

Perp1, 2, and 3 are known pedophiles of boys – perp4 a homosexual but unknown if he too is a pedophile. Perp2 served time shortly after Jacob’s abduction for molesting a boy 15 miles from there.

The Jacob matrix fits the abduction and the theory perps excellently along with fitting the crime scene information better than any single abductor scenario does.

FINALLY: I just discovered this year that the word return or returned also begins at the intersection of god’s 2 names and is 2skip overlaying the 1skip word corpse. The year 2010 is present passing thru the word Jacob. 2010 begins late September 2009 (Hebrew calendar). Several other years are present (2000, 2010, 2016) but perhaps the 2010 passing thru Jacob means his remains will be recovered sometime in Hebrew year 2010.

Now that someone else has this info prior to any further becoming known – when it becomes known, the matrix becomes fact and the thousands of hours I put into finding this was not in vain. God knows everything and He let us know if you are willing to seek it out.

Thousands of hours? Wow.