A sad anniversary

Just realized it’s been 14 years this day that Jason Jolkowski walked out of his Omaha, Nebraska house into the void. His mother, Kelly Murphy, founded Project Jason in his honor. Project Jason is a great organization; I refer a lot of MP families to it. Kelly is an amazing woman and I admire her ability to bring something good out of this tragedy in her family. I hope this year is the year that Jason gets found.

Jennifer Kesse missing nine years

Ilya pointed out that today is the 9th anniversary of Jennifer Kesse‘s apparent abduction from her apartment in Orlando. This case seems so solvable and I know the cops are still investigating leads, and she got more publicity than most — even her own Wikipedia entry — yet there’s been no trace of Jennifer since her disappearance and no suspects have been named in her case.

She was a bright young thing, with a shining future ahead of her, before something dark came into her life and now she’s gone.

Daniel Bradley Carver missing 18 years

Daniel Bradley Carver disappeared 18 years ago today, at the age of seventeen. He was classified as a runaway for a long time, but the NCMEC lists him as Endangered Missing now. I don’t know if that’s because there’s some new evidence pointing away from the runaway theory, or simply because of the passage of time.

Daniel’s case has always held a certain interest for me, though I couldn’t tell you why. He disappeared not long before I started to really get into missing persons. I remember surfing the NCMEC, looking at case listings of runaways. As months and years passed, names were added to the list and names disappeared. But Daniel’s was always there. He’s been missing for more than half his life. I wish I had more details on his case.

What’s your story, Daniel? And where are you?

Debbie Key missing 17 years ago today

An anniversary post as a favor for my friend Bill Widman: his friend Deborah Leigh Key vanished from Carrboro, North Carolina on this day in 1997.

Authorities are pretty sure they know what happened to her: years later, Andrew Douglas Dalzell, the last person known to have been with her, confessed to her murder. The confession was tossed out of court and the prosecution wasn’t able to go forward on a murder charge without it. But Dalzell’s not going anywhere. He’s since been locked up for soliciting a “little girl” (actually a cop) online. He got 26 years.

Wendy Hudakoc missing 16 years today

Sixteen years ago today, right about now, fourteen-year-old Wendy Hudakoc sneaked out of her bedroom in Naples, Florida to attend a party with a young man. They did make it to the party and were seen leaving together a few hours later. She never made it home.

Wendy would be thirty today, if she’s still alive. To this day the police aren’t sure whether she met with foul play, or ran away, or what. Her sister and stepfather are still alive, but her mother died last year without ever learning what happened.

Naples Daily News