MP of the week: Terry Reeves

This week’s featured missing person is Terry Edward Reeves, a 37-year-old man who disappeared from Nottoway, Virginia on August 31, 2016.

I’ve decided to, when possible, find and post a large image of the missing person of the week on their blog entries. Not just small headshots like the Charley Project casefiles have. I won’t be able to do this with every case but I can do it with Terry:

That photo is from Donna McIntyre, the Missing and Not Forgotten lady, who posts a lot of info about missing persons on her social media. She’s a great resource. Regarding Terry she says he “got up and left only wearing his pajama bottoms, he was not even wearing any shoes. He’s a father of three children and his family knows he would not willingly just walk away from them.”

If Terry is still alive, he’d be about 44 today. I found significant discrepancies in his listed height; it was anywhere from 5’9 to 6’0, with the weight given as somewhere between 140 and 155 pounds. He has several different tattoos (there’s a photo of one of them at the casefile) and, at the time of his disappearance, he had a long beard. His nickname is Chuck.

I don’t have much information on Terry’s case, but the fact that his family doesn’t think he would have left them, and the fact that he was wearing only pajama pants, suggests that whatever happened to him was bad and that he’s no longer alive.

The Beaumont children’s father has died

57 years after the disappearances of his children, Grant Alfred “Jim” Beaumont died in Adelaide, Australia on April 9 at 97 years of age. The obituary notice refers to his missing kids Jane, Arnna and Grant, and says they are “reunited in heaven.” Jim and the children’s mother, Nancy Beaumont, split in the seventies, and Nancy died in 2019.

It’s such a sad story and I don’t understand how three children could have disappeared at once, and from a public place, without anyone seeing or hearing a thing. And I think it’s unlikely the case will be solved, simply due to the passage of time.

Got a strange email

The internet is back up, finally. I’m not sure what was going on with it.

The NCMEC sent me a strange email. They asked me I knew a certain name. Apparently they’ve been corresponding with some guy who claims he’s associated with the Charley Project. They wanted to confirm this association.

I told them the person was lying to them and so was anyone else other than me who claimed to be associated with the Charley Project. I didn’t even recognize his name.

Not sure what’s going on with the Internet

There probably won’t be a missing person of the week or update today as the Internet has been on and off, mostly off, all day. The longest it’s been on was like twenty minutes. I’m writing this on my cell phone using data, cause that’s the only thing that’s reliably connected.

We aren’t sure what’s going on but if it keeps up tomorrow we’ll have to make a service call.

So that’s that.

One of the few online hobbies I can still indulge in with only a phone is Reddit posting. The last year or so I’ve been posting a lot of Medical Gore. I started out specializing in neglected cancers (and they’re still a big hit) but have branched out quite a bit since then.

Today I put up a bear mauling, an inflamed eye that had to be removed, a cancerous scrotum which also had to be removed, and a bunch of squamous cell carcinoma surgeries and reconstructions. Other highlights for the past week include a teratoma, gastroschisis (a congenital defect where a baby is born with its organs leaking out of a hole in its abdomen, surprisingly survivable), an exploding tire that took out a guy’s eye, a thing called a giant orf that I had never heard of before I found the case report, two nasty snakebites and an honest-to-god REAL vaccine injury where a patient got necrotizing fasciitis caused by the fact that the vaccine vial had been partially used and then left out for a week before being injected into the patient.

I’ve also recently added a bunch of historical photos from the Library of Congress website to some historical subreddits.

I really wanted to update Charley but I am at the mercy of the connection.

Interesting article in the Lancaster/Smith cases

This article has come out in the disappearances of Jennifer Lancaster and her baby daughters Monique Smith and Sidney Smith. The case is peculiar to say the least. I mean, an entire family doesn’t usually just vanish.

There are indications that they left on their own to start a new life (the removal of clothes and blankets on a pretext, the secretive removal of other belongings, the comment card filled out in another state), and also indications that something bad may have happened (the fact that they’ve all completely dropped off the map for the past 23 years).

I have to wonder if someone who wanted the kids lured Jennifer to her death. They were both so young: Sidney was going on fourteen months and Monique was just five weeks old. It could be a situation like with Holly Marie Clouse: the parents murdered and dumped, unfound or unidentified, while the baby survived to grow up in someone else’s home.

Or, given as Monique’s paternity seems to be disputed, perhaps Monique’s dad did not want to pay child support and decided to dispose of all three of them. That’s definitely happened before.

I cannot imagine the grief of Jennifer’s family, to have lost all three of them at once like that. I hope they get answers.

More updated APs

I’ve been trawling the NCMEC site and here’s a list of cases with updated age-progressons:

  1. Stephen Shawn Austin
  2. Ilias Badys
  3. Amber Renee Barker
  4. Donna Michele Barnhill
  5. Kristina Renae Bishop
  6. Eitan Ariel Blasingame
  7. William Walter Brooks Jr.
  8. Andre Terrence Bryant
  9. Everlyse Cabrera
  10. Abraham Ignacio Campos
  11. Mindi Chambers
  12. Tilwanda Denise Cheatham
  13. Jovanna Stacey Crawford
  14. Gabrielle Nicole Dahm
  15. Christopher Gage Daniel
  16. Joshua Jayvaughn Davis Jr.
  17. Ameera Deadrick
  18. Krista Maria De La Rosa
  19. Kimberly Sue Doss
  20. Deklon Ford
  21. Giovanni Ernesto Gonzalez
  22. Shaunda Renne Green
  23. Equilla Lynn Hodrick
  24. Jeremiah George Huger
  25. Gabriel Scott Johnson
  26. Tricia J. Kellett
  27. Jason Andrew Knapp
  28. Adam Benjamin Lake
  29. Ta’Niyah Monique Leonard
  30. Chloie Rhianna Leverette
  31. Deborah A. McCall
  32. Charles Edward Melendez
  33. Kelly Eileen Morrissey
  34. Michelle Meredith Mulcahy
  35. Crystal Lynn Ortega
  36. Misty Dawn Ortega
  37. Pamela Ann Pedro
  38. Pearl Jean Francis Pinson
  39. Sandra Kay Powell
  40. Eric Wayne Pyles
  41. Henry Rodriguez
  42. Jonathan Rodriguez Marina
  43. Kristy Rita Rosario
  44. Lissy Yaris Rosario
  45. Luis Enrique Rosario Jr.
  46. Sean Isaac Sidi
  47. Brandon Lee Wade

There are so many missing kids on the NCMEC that I have almost no info for, only whatever was on the poster, and that’s hardly anything. “May be with her mother.” “Last seen on such-and-such date.” “Last seen by an adult male in his home.” So sad. And every once in awhile a new poster appears, of some kid who has been missing for decades.

MP of the week: Kayla Rodriguez

This week’s featured missing person case is Kayla Rodriguez, who disappeared with Justin Winfrey and his small red and white single engine Piper Arrow plane off the coast of California on October 23, 2019. The pair are presumed to have been killed in a plane crash, but they never found either of them or the plane.

Kayla was 27 when she disappeared; Justin was 43. If still alive, they’d be 31 and 46 today. Kayla is described as Hispanic with brown hair and brown eyes. She was 5’5 and 205 pounds at the time of her disappearance. Justin is black, with black hair and brown eyes; he was 5’11 and 203 pounds.