This keeps coming up

So I started to update today… and the first case I tried to update turned into a wall of text. You see, this is what I wrote:

And this is what came out on the actual website:

Nobody likes a wall of text, and I know from experience that until this issue of them not inserting my paragraphs is fixed, EVERY case I write or edit is going to turn into a wall of text. This problem has occurred before.

I messaged my web designer and asked him to fix this issue. Until he does I don’t want to update because every case I touch will show as a wall of text which is annoying or even impossible to read. And then after the problem is fixed I’d just have to wade back in and start adding paragraphs again. My designer should be able to fix whatever’s going on though.

I’m feeling a lot better; my nausea etc went away yesterday at last (had been sick since Thursday) and I’m eating again.

MP of the week: Sabrina Aisenberg

This week’s featured missing person is Sabrina Paige Aisenberg, who was abducted from her crib in Valrico, Florida on November 24, 1997, aged just four months old.

Her parents were subsequently charged with some stuff in the case, but the charges were dropped after it turned out there was basically no actual evidence against them. And there the matter rests.

I know there’s been a lot of suppositions and stuff bandied about on the internet about this case. I once spoke to a man who had been posting a certain photo of a young woman on social media, claiming she was an adult Sabrina. The police had already looked into the matter and told the man she was not Sabrina, but he kept posting the picture and making this untrue claim. I figured if someone was doing that with my photo, I’d want to know about it, so I contacted the woman and told her what was going on. She was horrified.

I doubt Sabrina’s parents were actually involved in the case at all. It seems more likely that the baby was kidnapped by someone who wanted to raise her, or by someone who wanted to sell her for adoption purposes.

Sabrina, if still alive — and there’s really no reason to think she isn’t — would be 25 years old today. She has some Y-shaped marks on her shoulder which might be used to identify her as an adult.