So about the guy who knows two people who are missing

I had posted earlier about how I accidentally stumbled across a possible connection between two cases that law enforcement might be unaware of, namely that both missing women were VERY well acquainted with the same man.

People were commenting asking if there would be an update. Well, I’ve notified the police in the respective jurisdiction but I don’t know if I’ll hear anything more about it. I just have to hope the police do their jobs and investigate this lead if they didn’t have the info already.

I am not sure if the man in question was actually the person responsible for these women’s disappearances. All I know is he knew both of them, and most people don’t even know ONE person who has disappeared without a trace, never mind two. I think it has to be one of three things:

  1. The man was involved in one or both disappearances.
  2. The man was not involved in the disappearances, but someone in his circle was.
  3. The disappearances are completely unrelated and the reason this guy was romantically involved with two people who were missing is because he has a “type”: vulnerable women who are much more likely than average to disappear. Both of the women were vulnerable, albeit in different ways.

So that’s kind of all I have to report for now. I hope the two police departments communicate and see if they can help each other out in these cases.

Unfortunately the nausea/vomiting thing has come back in the last few days. Michael and a friend and I went to visit the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and it was a very inconvenient time to get the sicks. But it’s not as bad as it was last time. Last time I was pretty much incapacitated. This time I was able to enjoy the aquarium, I just felt very uncomfortable, walked around clutching a plastic bag and once had to discreetly step into a corner and use it. I’m taking anti-nausea meds now and they’re working, I guess, since I haven’t brought anything up today, but I still feel very uncomfortable.

See you tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “So about the guy who knows two people who are missing

  1. Ellen Tallabas October 30, 2022 / 10:47 pm

    I know this is unconventional but have you tried cannabis for the nausea? Works great for me, and also a friend who is going through chemo. I use 50mg sativa but they come in 10 mg also for the inexperienced. And I concur, not a coincidence this guy has had a romantic involvement with not one but two women who have disappeared. It’s been 12 years since Tony disappeared and I still think “ this only happens in the movies” but two. Hmmmmm. Something is weird

    • Meaghan October 31, 2022 / 5:36 am

      It’s not practical. Weed isn’t legal in my state, I will not smoke anything, and under the circumstances edibles are likely to get wasted, just come right back up again.

  2. christie groves October 31, 2022 / 12:39 am

    Sorry you keep getting the sicks. I’ve had a few hardships this year I know it can be draining no matter what it is. Thinking of you…

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