MP of the week: Angela Kelton-McManes

This week’s featured missing person is Angela LaDawn Kelton-McManes, a 43-year-old woman who disappeared from Jai, New Mexico on May 14, 2019.

She needs medication for her diabetes and she left behind things it wouldn’t make sense to leave behind, including her glasses and her only bra. But because she had been known to travel before for weeks at a time, she wasn’t reported missing for a month.

Kelton-McManes has several distinctive tattoos, but I don’t have any photos of them. She’s small, just 4’11 and 90 pounds, with black hair and hazel eyes. She has ties to the cities of Henrietta and Wichita Falls in Texas. If still alive, she’d be about 46 now.

6 thoughts on “MP of the week: Angela Kelton-McManes

  1. marsyao September 14, 2022 / 1:44 pm

    Only bra ?

    • Dawn Marie September 14, 2022 / 9:21 pm

      Good bras aren’t cheap; if she was poor she might not have had a spare. Or else maybe she didn’t wear one often so didn’t think she needed more than the one. I do kinda have to wonder how anybody would know she only owned one. I don’t think my husband knows exactly how many I have.

      • marsyao September 14, 2022 / 10:37 pm

        It was her sister found the bra were left behind, and she must wear it often, otherwise her sister would not say that bra was something she would left home without.
        P. S if you only have one bra, I guess your husband would notice if you were not at home but that bra was left behind

  2. Ty September 14, 2022 / 10:32 pm

    Is James Daniels Jr. race correct? It states his race is AA but he looks pretty Caucasian to me

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