News outlets, please do better than this

So this article came out yesterday and I wanted to bring it to attention because it’s useless.

The article says Bula Mae Robertson disappeared “back in 1993” from Warner Robins, Georgia. And that’s pretty much all it says. No exact date of disappearance, no information about the missing woman, how old she was, her physical appearance information, etc. The accompanying video isn’t much better, it only adds that Robertson disappeared during the month of October. Which is still a 31-day window.

I mean, they were able to go to her old house and show that on the screen, and interviewed a neighbor who remembered the disappearance, but they didn’t put out the most basic, crucial information. What’s the point?

Fortunately, the press release the police put out (I think it was flashed on the screen in the news video, but you weren’t able to actually read it) has the necessary information. But it would have been nice if the article had had it too.

2 thoughts on “News outlets, please do better than this

  1. T. T. April 9, 2022 / 5:53 pm

    Oh dear. I hate when the media does that. It reminds me of the infamous and mysterious case of Joanna Lopez. Back in 1989, a news station in Chicago flashed a picture of the girl, but it only showed her name, a phone number to call, a “Missing” banner and a VERY grainy black and white picture of her. No statistics, no definitive location and you can’t even tell what ethnicity she truly is. Several people have tried to encrypt the enigma of this case, but everyone’s still left scratching their heads.

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