Something happened

Yeah, so I was absent for a bit. I was super depressed and spent a lot of time sleeping. A lot of it was my pets dying one after another like that but there was more to it.

So my husband, as I’ve mentioned a few times, was teaching math at a residential school for children with severe emotional/behavioral problems. He taught there for a couple of years, up until June this year.

In June a former student made a false accusation of abuse against Michael, even contacting me over social media to gloat about it. Laugh emojis and all.

This led to him quitting his job. It was a “last straw” sort of thing: it was a high stress job, he risked his life teaching in-person through the entire pandemic, he’d had chairs thrown at him, he wasn’t paid well, and now a girl is making up stories about him and even contacting his wife? The heck with this job.

Since June, when this all happened, we have been waiting for the child protection people to investigate the girl’s allegation and render a verdict. Well, they finally have: unsubstantiated. Meaning Michael is found not guilty. Which is what we expected.

The girl was, apparently, not happy when she found out CPS didn’t believe her, because she went on a bit of a rampage. She repeatedly tried to contact both Michael and me through Facebook, Instagram and email. Although we blocked her immediately, she had multiple accounts she used to harass us. She threatened to destroy my reputation and destroy the Charley Project, in spite of the fact that I’ve done nothing to her and the Charley Project is a good thing that my husband has very little involvement with.

Then she posted a bunch of faked screenshots on Michael’s and my own social media accounts, trying to “expose” us for a crime that never occurred. She also contacted some Facebook friends of mine with the screenshots, and posted some on the Charley Project’s Facebook page (which I deleted). I had to call my entire family and tell them what was going on in case she got to them too.

She seems to have given up for now but I have a feeling she might come back. We’ve filed a harassment report with the police and are looking into getting a restraining order.

Anyway. It was an awful time and I was afraid she would come to our house, afraid her lies would be believed, afraid of a lot of things. On top of Kinsey and Carmen passing away it kind of hit me like a freight train.

So I’ve decided that, if this disturbed child does start tantruming and making allegations again, I wanted to get what actually happened out in the open.

I’m very sorry for causing people to worry. I just couldn’t do anything for awhile, could barely get out of bed.

Barring anything else awful happening, expect things to resume as normal on Monday. Probably not Sunday because I was out all day today and I’m exhausted and will probably sleep in the morning and have some plans for the evening.