Not sure if there will be any updates till the weekend

I got some terrible news today. I had noticed some alarming signs in my dog Kinsey and took her to the vet this morning to see what was going on. The vet says her kidneys are giving out; her creatinine level is sky-high. She’s lost ten pounds since her senior wellness visit in July (she weighed about 60 pounds then, so this is a really huge loss) and the vet reckons it’s because she feels really awful and not much like eating her kibble. Though she still begs for people food.

My husband and I have decided to say goodbye to her on Friday. I know this is the right decision for Kinsey: she’s old, she’s tired, she’s sick and she’s not going to get better. But we are absolutely broken-hearted about it. She is such a great dog and has really been a blessing to me in particular; having her depending on me has often helped me when I’m feeling really depressed and useless.

Until Friday we are going to love her and spoil her like never before. Fluffle her ears, scritch her chest, snuggles, and all the people food and puppy treats she wants to eat. We’re going to make her a nice steak. And just before her final car ride, we’re going to give her chocolate.

Kinsey would have been seventeen in November. I know since she’s been with us she’s had a very good life, much better than before. I know she knows we love her. But saying goodbye is so hard.

So I might go quiet for a few days.

MP of the week: Darla McCormick

This week’s featured missing person is Darla Kay McCormick, a 44-year-old woman last seen in Carlsbad, New Mexico on October 2, 2008. She’s described as white, with brown or red hair and brown eyes, about 5’5 tall and 205 pounds. She was last seen wearing black pants and black boots; I don’t know what sort of top she had on.

Darla was an employee at the Eddy County Detention Center. At 2:30 a.m. the day of her disappearance, she left work without permission before her shift was over, apparently upset. Since her car, work uniform and other belongings were found at home, she’s believed to have made it back there. At 8:00 a.m., she had brief email and phone contact with her family. That’s the last time anyone heard from her.

The circumstances of her disappearance are unclear and I can’t find any articles about it from after 2008.

If still alive, Darla McCormick would be 57 today.