Your latest issue of “why does this always happen to me”

I got an email from a lady about an old case, early 1980s. She was a bit confused cause she’d known the MP and the Charley Project said his car didn’t turn up for ten years, but she had heard about it’s being located just a few months after he went missing.

I went back and investigated and discovered a rotten bit of luck and an important lesson. had several versions of the same article about the man’s disappearance, all written years after the fact. ONE of these multiple versions of the article had a small typo, giving the time the man’s car was found as October 1992. In fact the car was found in October 1982.

And of course of all the articles I used when researching the case for the write-up, I had to pick the one with the typo.


Note to self: in future, when possible try to compare articles against each other, even if all the articles appear to be exactly the same.

On the plus side, my disorder is starting to swing back out of depression so there’s that.