AP dump today, first in awhile

Today I updated what felt like about a million missing persons’ age-progression photos. As is the custom, those aren’t crowding up the Charley Project’s updates page; instead I’ll list them below

  1. LaMoine Jordan Allen
  2. April Dawn Andrews
  3. Bob Louis Richard Boyes
  4. Laronda Marie Bronson
  5. Gina Dawn Brooks
  6. Kellie Marie Brownlee
  7. Olivia Addison Edwards-Tuttle
  8. Randi Layton Evers
  9. Robert Joseph Fritz
  10. Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira
  11. Izar Isaac Godinez Sanchez
  12. Royce Henson
  13. Ethan James Hernandez
  14. Melissa Suzanne Highsmith
  15. Mark Joseph Himebaugh
  16. Alice Fay Jefferson
  17. William Ebenezer Jones III
  18. Karen Beth Kamsch
  19. Dennis Lloyd Martin
  20. Laureen Ann Rahn
  21. Benjamin Melvin Roseland
  22. Aaron Cody Stepp
  23. Marisa Velasco
  24. Mary Anne Wesolowski
  25. Shawn White

3 thoughts on “AP dump today, first in awhile

  1. Christie M Groves August 18, 2021 / 11:26 pm

    Hi Meagan: I noticed an error on Olivia Addison Edwards-Tuttle. Her Birthdate is 06/14/1990, not the same day as her missing date. Best- Christie

  2. missingmysteries September 8, 2021 / 2:10 pm

    An interesting part of the Randi Evers file:

    “In a media interview in the spring of 2015, a detective investigating the case said he had gotten a hit on Randi’s DNA in a database and he believes Randi is alive and living in the western United States. Due to the confusion as to what happened to him, Randi’s disappearance is being investigated as a non-family abduction.”

    I feel like, six years later, that could be followed up on more, considering rapid advances in DNA databases.

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