MP of the week: Carola Davenport

This week’s featured missing person is Carola Yvonne Davenport, a 22-year-old woman last seen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 1, 1975. She left all her clothing and her car behind and, most notably, her twin children, who were less than a year old at the time. I don’t know anything about Carola’s situation, but it’s highly unusual for the mother of a tiny baby or babies to just up and leave. Especially without the aforementioned clothes and car.

For whatever reason, she wasn’t reported missing until February 1976, by which time the case was four months’ cold. She’s black, about 5’5 and 125 pounds, with burn scars on her right hand and left arm. She also has a “fish-shaped” birthmark but the location is not noted.

Per NamUs, Carola’s son and her boyfriend at the time are both deceased now, but her daughter — only eleven months old when her mother went missing — is still alive and has submitted DNA. I wish there was more info available about this case.

2 thoughts on “MP of the week: Carola Davenport

  1. Saleana Cleveland February 23, 2023 / 2:13 am

    She was one of my two God-mothers. I was 5 when she went missing. I distinctly remember going to her apartment for a Avon party with my mom. She told my mom that if anything happened to her that the twind dad did it.
    She had an older son named Kendell that had severe epilepsy. He was around my age. He passed several years ago. The twins were babies when she went missing.
    Before my mom passed I asked if she learned antic about her disappearance. She said she never found anything out. She looked for the boyfriend and the twins. She said the police were dismissive to her telling them what Carola said.
    I think I still have a picture of her from when she went to prom. She was beautiful.

    • Saleana Cleveland February 23, 2023 / 3:44 am

      My apologies. He eldest sons name was Shanon

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