More technical problems, albeit of a different variety

Suddenly I find myself unable to access on my desktop computer (good old Orville). I can access the site on my phone, but ONLY if my phone is using the cell phone data package for internet rather than my WiFi connection. If I try to access the site when my phone is on WiFi, no dice, the connection times out.

No desktop computer access to my site = no updates. Sorry, folks. This is very frustrating to me as there’s a lot of stuff I wanted to put up today.

I am uncertain what the problem is but have shot my host an email to ask if they somehow accidentally blocked my IP address or something. Beyond that I have no clue and will just have to wait until Michael gets home, see if he has any ideas. (I can’t access the site from his home office computer either.)

This really makes me nervous because a long time ago, probably 20 years ago in fact, I had a personal website and developed the same problem: I suddenly could not access it from my home PC, only from school computers. I never was able to fix it, and wound up having to abandon the website entirely.