This is pretty odd…

On the face of it, it doesn’t seem like the cases of Nicole Shante Moore and Bobby Lee Johns would be related. She was a black woman in her twenties; he was a white man in his sixties. They disappeared a year and a half apart. And while they both are listed as missing from Amarillo, Texas, that city has a population of almost 200,000 people. So, not much in common on the surface.

However, I wonder.

Nicole is believed to have gone to the Adrian, Texas area, fifty miles down Interstate 40, on the day of her disappearance. Her cellular phone last pinged near there. Bobby was also possibly en route to Adrian. When police were searching the vicinity of the cell phone ping for evidence in Nicole’s case, they found Bobby’s abandoned car on the interstate.

So, both disappeared from Amarillo. Nicole was thought to have been headed for Adrian, and so was Bobby. His car was found near where her phone had last pinged.

It’s entirely possible, within the law of averages, that the cases had nothing to do with each other. After all, a lot of missing people’s cars are found abandoned on interstates, and a lot of missing people’s phones ping along interstates, simply because of the fact that those are major travel routes.

But it is a bit odd.

We have a pretty good idea what happened to Nicole. But what happened to Bobby? And where are they?

6 thoughts on “This is pretty odd…

  1. beckey February 26, 2021 / 6:55 pm

    Wow, it is interesting. Makes me wonder if Billy Glenn Ivy Jr. had any planned meetings with Bobby around there.

    • fluttergirl February 26, 2021 / 10:25 pm

      Ivy was in prison when Bobby Johns disappeared.

  2. Daniel March 1, 2021 / 12:50 pm

    Meaghan, This is Daniel. I’m one of the missing people listed on your website. Can you Please check your E-mail? I sent you a message last night. Thanks.

    • missingmysteries March 4, 2021 / 2:47 am

      ^^^ Well, this an interesting comment. I wonder if this person really is listed on Charley, or this is someone pretending to be a person who’s listed on Charley. Or none of the above.

      To Daniel: if you haven’t already, contact your local law enforcement office to establish your identity and verify that you are who you say you are. Then you can contact folks like Meaghan.

      • Meaghan March 4, 2021 / 7:05 am

        Yeah he’s taken care of that already, he’s legit. I talked to him.

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