AP dump

I updated a lot of people’s age-progression photos today. The list:

  1. Ilias Badys
  2. Cesar Jimenez Bibiano
  3. Anthony Freddy Calzada
  4. Hassani Jamil Campbell
  5. Joliet Elizabeth Cedano
  6. Gabrielle Nicole Dahm
  7. Bryan Dos Santos-Gomes
  8. Deklon Ford
  9. Nasim Skander Howard
  10. Myra Rena Lewis
  11. Faloma Luhk
  12. Maleina Quitugua Luhk
  13. Mackenzie Rae Marken
  14. Lluvia Sharanique McCraw
  15. Jesus Merino-Mendoza
  16. Sindy Jazmin Perez-Aguilar
  17. Briza Maria Pina
  18. Carlos Manuel Pina
  19. Angel Rodriguez
  20. Keily Rodriguez
  21. Kevin Rodriguez
  22. Kristy Rita Rosario
  23. Lissy Yaris Rosario
  24. Luis Enrique Rosario Jr.
  25. Adalberto J. Zamora
  26. Cithlali Zamora

2 thoughts on “AP dump

  1. Christie M Groves February 5, 2021 / 6:46 pm

    I always respect what you do and the only one I have issue with is the abduction of 3 week old Bryan Dos Santos. Why is he getting dumped? I get the other issues being non-costodial parents and such, I also find it interesting that no one here is of Caucasian decent. & see that some of these children may have had illegal alien parents thus fleeing the country alone with their parental rights terminated as the major issue. And the kid that was murdered, in case his human remains are found, of course I am going to look for these two kiddos in the data bases. But what about Deklon Ford he and his Mother are still missing right? I couldn’t find any resolutions to these three cases? I’ve never reviewed an AP dump before, so forgive my ignorance. I’ve seen you post them but I thought they were resolved cases. Say hi to the pets btw & Michael hope the week went well.

    • Meaghan February 5, 2021 / 7:01 pm

      This isn’t what you think it is; the people are all still missing and still listed as such on my site. An “AP dump” just means I updated a whole bunch of age-progression photos on those cases (that is, “dumped” a bunch of AP photos into the database) and made a list of the cases that have the updated photos. Sorry for the confusion.

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