MP of the week: Sheila Pauley

This week’s featured missing persons case is Sheila Annette Pauley, a twenty-year-old woman who disappeared from Ehrenburg, Arizona on September 1, 1980. She was last seen leaving a bar and restaurant, followed shortly afterwards by members of a local motorcycle gang, which sounds ominous. She has never been heard from again

Pauley left behind an infant son. If still alive (which seems unlikely) she’d be 60 years old today. I don’t have any more information on her disappearance.

One thought on “MP of the week: Sheila Pauley

  1. Patrick Kerrigan January 21, 2021 / 7:22 pm

    Meaghan, there is no mention of a vehicle in her case. So, it makes me wonder how she got there. As she lived about 5 miles away.

    I assume authorities would have a general idea, how she traveled there and back. So, I assume that would include information on a vehicle.

    Also, it appears she was a regular customer,. I would not expect a motorcycle gang to be hanging out at what sounds like a restaurant.

    It would seem, they would hang out at someplace under their control. I however am not an expert on motorcycle gangs. Plus, they need to eat.

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