Alexis Patterson’s stepfather dead

Seven-year-old Alexis S. Patterson disappeared from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 3, 2002. Her stepfather, LaRon Bourgeois, was the last person known to have seen her. Because of that and because he had a criminal history, the police looked pretty hard at him in her case. Nothing came of it, though, and I’m not sure if he’s still a suspect.

Well, LaRon has died and so has his wife, Michelle Bourgeois, whom he married sometime after he split with Alexis’s mother in 2005. Their bodies were found together and it looks like overdose. Some suspected drugs and drug paraphernalia were found at the scene, and Michelle had a history of heroin use.

It’s very unfortunate and sad, and I feel sorry for their loved ones.

2 thoughts on “Alexis Patterson’s stepfather dead

  1. Andrea622 January 20, 2021 / 6:27 pm

    So sad. What a sweet looking child. Hopefully he never had a peaceful day in his life if he hurt her.

  2. Patrick Kerrigan January 20, 2021 / 6:29 pm

    What a sad story. Her father was in prison. She gets punished for not doing her homework. A lot of unanswered questions.

    Plus, the school kids notice a truck parked near the school. Yet, until Alexis disappears it appears no one notified the school or police.

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