MP of the week: Eileen Hynson

This week’s featured missing person is Eileen Francis Hynson. The 19-year-old disappeared from Napa, California on June 1, 1976, when she left home to go to a bridal party dress fitting in Benicia, 30 miles away. She never arrived there.

I don’t have much info on Eileen’s case but I think she’s probably deceased. Her father apparently thought so; when he died in 1997, his obituary noted he was “the beloved father of the late Eileen Hynson.”

If still alive, she would be 63 today.

2 thoughts on “MP of the week: Eileen Hynson

  1. Patrick Kerrigan December 22, 2020 / 6:48 pm

    Marsyao, thanks for the link to the article. I just love that their few details on her disappearance. We, don’t how she was traveling to Benica, Lake Berryessa,or wherever else she might have been going to. I love that after forty some years, this is all we know.

    As a former detective, I get frustrated that we have all these unanswered questions. I have come across cold homicide cases where how they victim was murdered is a closely guarded secret,to protect the investigation. After 20, 30, or 40 years, it still a major secret. Yet, the case never gets solved.

    As far as DNA, unless the investigating agency asked for it, they may not have it. We have other agencies pushing the envelope on some of the cold cases, yet we have no clue if they identified photo # 40 as her. More closely guarded secrets.

    Maybe they don’t want to admit that they had a serial killer living in their neck of the woods. I remember reading about the Golden State Killer, that Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Police, refused to believe that they had this serial killer was a suspect in a coupe of their unsolved murders.

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