One thought on “So NamUs is saved apparently

  1. Patrick Kerrigan December 10, 2020 / 4:32 pm

    It still bothers me that they have to go through this nearly every year. It appears they need a public relations spokesman. Those of us involved in missing persons and cold cases, are aware of NamUs. But, the general public is not.

    That;s why I think some of these rich guys and gals, could kick in some money, that would give them a cushion.

    But, then I served in the Coast Guard Reserve, and the Coast Guard, did some much with so little. They were part of several different cabinet agencies and did not get the financial support they needed.

    But, when my unit deployed to Desert Shield/Storm, with had the newest gas mask available. Also, we were the first ones to be issued the 9mm, side arm, when they were first purchased by the military.

    But, then when I worked at the VA, at the end of the fiscal year, my boss would come back from a meeting with the director and other service chiefs. He would say, there is x amount of money to use up, lets buy stuff. I would look at a catalog and see what gizmo, we could purchase. Then, I would sit back and try and justify buying the item. I could not justify it. So, we might have gotten a TV/VCR for training.

    Thanks for the credit.

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