Thought I’d recommend these articles I found yesterday

There should be a trigger warning, I suppose, for child sexual abuse. The headline of the first I found is “7 things I learned about being a man, from talking to child abusers: How we can fix the boom in downloading of child abuse material.” By “child abuse material” they mean sexual abuse.

Though all the downloaders the journalist identified and interviewed were Norwegian (as is the reporter), I would assume that his conclusions, if correct, would apply to men from other countries as well. The reporter spent five years researching and writing about child abuse, and the article links to two much longer articles with accompanying documentaries.

And I have to say, those two longer articles are just… horrifying. So I’m warning you again: prepare to feel pretty sick.

One is Breaking the Dark Net: Why police share abuse pics to save children and the other is The Downloaders: Norwegian men pay to download videos showing children being subjected to extreme sexual abuse. They are the end users in an industry that uses children as sexual commodities. They think they are invisible. But we found them.

Yeah, it’s pretty awful. But I think people need to know this stuff.

One thought on “Thought I’d recommend these articles I found yesterday

  1. Shawn September 1, 2020 / 3:53 pm

    Very informational, although I must admit that I find some of the points in the Medium article to be rather disturbing. While understanding the root causes of harmful deviancies is crucial to finding a solution amenable to society, it seems that there is a glacial creep in certain circles towards commiseration with the perpetrators of these acts. I am no investigator or reporter, but the writer of that article seems naive. These pedophiles, whatever plight or trauma they may have faced in their lives, cannot be rehabilitated. Look at Jon Venables; he murdered a two-year-old child when he was ten, was coddled by the “system,” given a new identity, and has been found in possession of child pornography on multiple occasions since his release. And the “system,” rather than incarcerating him for life, is going to release him into society again. These men may be diseased, but their disease is incurable and extremely harmful to society. Even labeling them as “downloaders” minimizes their egregious crimes. Meanwhile, the victims are lost in the tumult. It’s all very sad.

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